A GenuineSubmissive is...

by Uniquely Piquant

      May 2017

Frequently people mistake submissive to weak or stupid people. Nothing could be further from the truth in most cases. Some exhibit a diminished capacity; sometimes this is through conditioning, sometimes as just a “personae” they adopt, and others imply a fact of nature. However, on the whole, experience has shown many powerful and intelligent adopt the submissive behaviour in lifestyle settings as a release from the pressures of decision making or simply as a form of catharsis. Psychologically speaking, there’s nothing at all wrong with the “true” type of submissive.


The “true” submissive is:


  • Never allowed to say no to their dominant.

  • Never allowed to be dishonest with anyone.

  • Frequently inexperienced, untaught and looking to please by being perceived as useful.

  • Trainable and can be educated to exhibit the behaviour desired by their dominant.

  • Often shy, under-spoken, docile, servile and entirely willing to do anything asked of her.

  • Needs encouragement, emotional and social support from a decisive dominant figure.

  • Need some guidance, structure, and discipline to flourish.

  • Usually aware first of the wants, needs, and expectations of the dominant figures around her

  • Not concerned as much with her own wants, needs, and expectations.

  • Allowed to want, need and expect things as any other individual would.

  • Willing serve anyone in a dominant role.

  • At times confused by bad advice from an unworthy dominant or an online submissive.

  • Needing discipline from anyone claiming to be dominant.