Articles on Living in an Alternate Reality

Just because you are paranoid does not mean the bastards are not out to get you. Hence the material here is provided as advice and support for those exploring the lifestyle but still challenged by its complexity.

The essential foundations and how the Submissive - DOMINANT relationship forms.

Essence of BDSM

Alternative lifestyle experiences with the specific emphasis on the various sexual activities.

Psychology of Kink

An exploration of the mental reasoning, and questions of sanity regarding BDSM and fetishes in general.

Protocol & Structure

The daily practices and special rituals which provide formality and structure to the lifestyle.

Punishment and 
Fetish Activities
Fetish Living Considerations

Punishment and other fetish activities which provide either for a form corrective action or as foreplay.

Thoughts based on experiences and ideas about living the lifestyle rather than casual scene playing.

Keeping Human Pets
 Even the Brave Quake
Rediscovery of Kink - History

A blunt discussion of pet lifestyle festishes.

Your Kink may not be My Kink, but it is okay, even if too extreme for me.  

A critical look at the rediscovery of kink and its transitions over time.

Disclaimer -

Authors should write the articles as gender neutral; sorry but the authors are old farts, stepped in old ways. The writing is not gender bias but merely fact it is written in such a way that fits a "standard" view. It equally could be any gender roles, or male-2-male or female-2-female.  There is no intent of the author to preclude any variations on the theme.

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