Brutes, übers & Extreme Pain

Varied Attributes of Abuse

Real sadists understand the sociological, psychological, intellectual and biochemical aspects of the human body. It is through the manipulation of these levers that they can maximize the effect while minimizing the residence the subject can muster. This is the difference between an intelligent practitioner and a mere brute.

Brutes in Action and Surrender

The brute continues action to the point that the effect no longer has meaning. Clear examples of this are the beating of a subject who screams wane, fall of and then the subject simply pass out. There is no emotion involved other than the raw rage of the perpetrator and the entirely meaningless existence of the subject. This type of activity is absolutely dehumanizing for both the subject and brute. Neither retains those aspects of emotional awareness which separates sociopaths from psychopaths.  It should be noted that brutes are always psychopaths, they have no sense of any value of the object they are using and also have no sense of when to stop.


Equally, those individuals actively seeking this level of torment are merely the flipside of the psychopath or become an über-masochist/dolcett-seeker. übers seek the effect is because the mind simply resigns itself to the pain and accepts the inevitability of the situation. Realizing the complaints mean nothing, no salvation is coming the subject simply acquiesces. ​There are those who seek to go over the edge, revive and repeat. The cyclical nature of this experience is the single driving motivator to make an individual “feel alive.” The death-wish type personae will always put themselves into the way of extreme harm or push others to the point they react accordingly. Upon finding a brute, they mesh well but sometimes with peril fewer results. It is difficult to find the balance, if achieved then they will continually satisfy each other. If not then one will eventually lose the edge, and the pairing will end.

The Brain Preserves and Protects

It is known that the body does produce endorphins in response to prolonged, continuous exercise, abuse, sexual activity or stressful situations. On the physical side, endorphins kick in nullifying the pain. The effect besides blocking pain is euphoria, appetite reduction, and increase libido associated with the release of sex hormones. Some individuals have also had measurable pheromone production which stimulates those around them. 

The Natural High

Endorphins are a chemical in the brain that interferes with other neurotransmitters. There are numerous types of endorphins releases all keyed for either kind of physical or emotional pain. Some even react to stress. While reflective of minimizing the effect of the stimulus they have a harsh impact also on the body.

Low endorphin levels have a direct connection to the occurrence of PTSD, while high endorphin levels produce the “runner’s high,” trance-like “sub-state” and attributed to the “de-intellectualizing” of individuals. There are issues as sufficient endorphins will block most stimuli, therefore, allow massive trauma to the physical body. Secondly, the body in an attempt to flush these from the system filters them from the blood in the liver and pass them out through the kidneys and bladder. The highly toxic nature of the endorphins as they break down cause trauma to the internal organs as well.  Endorphins can be found in the pituitary gland, in other parts of the brain, or distributed throughout the nervous system.

Foods to Stimulate

Certain foods, (chocolate or chili peppers) also enhanced endorphins production. It is mostly why some cultures develop a craving for chilies and most individuals “love” chocolate. The spicier the pepper, or the purer the chocolate, the more endorphins produced. The release of endorphins explains the comforting feelings that many people associate with and the craving of these foods in times of distress. It is a good practice to have the subject consume chocolates and chilies 20 minutes prior to an extreme session.

Rhythm Method

Knowing this is why almost every proficient sadist changes up the rhythm location, and type of activity.  This keeps the endorphin levels at a reasonable but NOT contrary level. The experience can then be prolonged indefinitely or until the sadist exhausts.  This is where skill and variety must be applied to extend the sensation. The duration of activity is directly related to the level of sexual frustration which then turns into desire and almost an animalistic need for the subject to become also sexually violated.  This is a trick of using the body’s chemistry and the emotional roller coaster against the subject. The shy and reserved will become totally wanton with the correct application of pain and the mental blocks remove replaced only by the desire to be used, and serve as an opportunity to receive their chemical and emotional reward.

Craving the Pain

There are those individuals who crave being a brute or being used by a brute. This effectively bypasses all of the intellectual and emotional components and goes directly to the raw chemical reaction. The “rush” comes for being or using a piece of meat to the point of complete collapse.

Finding a Balance

Some sadists are not brutes but can compartmentalize their emotions and become sufficiently remorseless that they can exhibit the qualities of a brute with an über while being able to revert back to a less dangerous role with others. Typically these individual are extremely intelligent and able to operate in a segmented style.  This segmentation allows each character to be fully aware of the other’s role while not acting out in non-practical situations. This is significantly different than schizophrenic in that the individual is always aware and in control of the switch of the roles, and roles do not manifestly change the personality of the individual only the ability to accept or disregard limits based on a relationship pairing.

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