Controlling a Slave Diet

by Aramock Nanuck

     May 2003

A Slave’s Diet

There are few limitations to the ideal diet for a slave and given time every Dom will find the best solution. There are a few key factors that come into play and very important in determining the diet.



The food given must support the basic health and needs of the slave.


Weight Loss

Thining down a subject the dominant must ensure to maintain the vitamin and protein count but cutting the calories by ½ of the daily recommended allowance, and 90% of starches removed.


Weight Gain

Ramping up the carbs, lowering the proteins and increasing the calories is a quick way to force-feed a slave. If you are having issues with them completing the meals then feeding tubes are always an option, except in cases of bulimia. If this is so then intravenous is the only option.


Abject Punishment

At times food is considered a benefit to the slave, removing context and replacing it with bread and water on ¼ rations for a period of up to 5 days is always a very meaningful deterrent. Although in those cases I would also do forced enemas at least twice a day.

Serving Food

Let’s face it there are different situations and particularly in the presence of non-lifestyle people. The overt treatment of a slave can become complicated. Also, in cases where festive or parties are ongoing then having slaves participate may make them more enticing to the attendees.


Advantages of  Pet Feeding

Preferably a slave should eat from a single bowl on the floor, ideally metal because it's easy to clean and can’t be confused with a human’s piece of kitchenware. Maybe even write its sub-name onto it with a permanent marker, just to be sure. Keeping the slave’s bowl clean and clear of the master’s feet is obviously part of the slave’s duties.


Its bowl is both for eating and for drinking - separating solids and fluids is a luxury that has no room in a slave’s life. Both go into the same stomach. If a slave can’t be bothered to finish its water before dinner-time, its gruel goes into the water. If it doesn’t finish its dinner (and you allow that) the next time it gets water, it will be swimming with pieces of gruel. A great way to assure it will get its proteins nevertheless.


The bowl obviously has no business in the cupboard where real people keep their kitchenware or in the dishwasher. A brush, a little soap (cheap and rationed!) and the hose in the garden should be enough to keep it clean. If the master’s place doesn’t have a garden (or a hose) or the slave cannot be trusted outside, a cold shower can do it. This way, it cleans two things at once.


One benefit of allowing it only one single bowl for which the slave is personally responsible is that it will quickly grow attached to that bowl. A slave strongly reacts to threats of taking away a bowl as punishment for any light misbehaviour.

If you’re bored, you might even hide it and when your slave’s mealtime approach it, observe its increasing panic as it looks for its bowl (while trying to hide what it’s doing from you to avoid punishment for its carelessness). It knows that if it doesn’t find its stupid bowl before mealtime is over, it won’t get anything to eat.


Sadistic Pleasures

For additional fun, put the bowl back before the next mealtime arrives. When the slave wants to continue its search, it will find the bowl exactly where it put it. But it already looked there, right? How can that be? It might even dare to ask you for help with its search, and you can reveal the bowl exactly where it belongs and chide your slave for its stupidity and show it why it needs a Master. It just can’t get by on its own. Great fun for everyone, right?



When eating, I particularly recommend a small bowl and cuffing the hands of the slave behind its back. That way, the slave has a harder time eating. This will not only make the slave feel more sated in the end but burying its face deep in the gruel is a nice, disgusting way to reinforce its status. You might even take a picture of its gruel-smeared face and have it make it its phone wallpaper. So adorable!  Of course, when or whether you allow it to wash off the food from its face is up to you.


Subsistence Gruel

A realistic gruel should be something that keeps the slave nourished but is simple enough that preparing it or washing out its bowl won’t distract the slave from its duties for too long. Consider fuelling your car. You want it to run and run well - you don’t ask it how it likes its fuel the best.


Avoid Flavor

Any slave food should also be void of any taste - the reason a slave should eat is hunger, not because of its feeling like a gourmet suddenly. Keeping it as tasteless as possible might even make the occasional addition of a little cum very welcome.  I’m thinking unseasoned scrambled egg and pieces of white bread in a bowl full of water would fit these criteria nicely.


Another option is soggy cereals or cooked rice put through the blender with bits of cooked liver. There’s always Soylent Green if you’re feeling particularly generous. Maybe you can remember something particularly bland you’ve eaten in your lifetime and think of ways to rob it even that last bit of taste.


Food should establish the Slave Status

Food can and should reinforce the slave’s status and the current satisfaction of its Master with its services. There are plenty of good ways to punish a slave via its food - mostly, ruining it with the help of some spices or body fluids of the Master’s choice.

  • Especially if the slave complains about the lack of taste of its food, a few nice spoons of hot sauce in its food should cheer it up. It better be grateful!

  • If you feel like your slave didn’t keep up with its cleaning, you might take away its bowl for a while and have it lick its food directly from the floor. You’ll be surprised how motivated your slave suddenly is to keep the floor clean. (Works best for kitchens and bathrooms, not so much for any room with carpet.)

  • If you feel your slave spends too much time lazing about or you feel it uses its meal-times to postpone its duties, you can apply a time limit. Estimate or secretly measure the time your slave usually takes to feed - and then cut it in half.


Watch it eat like a pig, trying to slurp down as much gruel as possible before you take the bowl away. The hurry will even help the slave overcome any hesitations about the food being ‘disgusted’ and help it learn that the taste doesn’t matter as long as it gives the slave the energy to fulfil its duties. To be helpful, you can remind it how many seconds it still has left every once in a while.


  • You want a task done quickly? Tell your slave to do it after preparing its food. The gruel will taste even worse cold so it’ll hurry with your task to be allowed to eat something warm. Of course, the results of its work still need to pass muster, so it better doesn’t work half-heartedly!

  • As I said, an easy way to punish your slave is to take away the bowl - and there better be no argument about it! You can do that whenever you want - get up and remove it or wait until mealtime has arrived and the gruel is in the bowl. Then order your slave to flush it down the toilet.


To make eating additionally difficult for a naughty slave you can do various things:

  • Put your slave in a corset.  Make the slave eat on their knees with their hands behind their back in a corset? Not easy.

  • Frozen peas where it will place its knees. Not only is it painful, but your slave won’t miss the irony that the food you use to punish your slave is better than the food it gets to eat.

  • A blindfold. Better do that outside though. You can even spice that up with an additional flick of your riding crop when it doesn’t expect it.


Why Bland Food

One advantage of a particularly bland gruel is that the slave will appreciate anything that has a taste even more. You can reward it by adding a few slices of orange or an apple to its gruel or even allow it a bite of your food for real people. But be sure that it earned such luxury, or you spoil it.


Tip: If you have a long-haired slave, the question of whether it's allowed to tie back its hair or not before eating from its bowl (again, no hands allowed!) is a simple but entertaining form of punishment. Or entertaining.


Outside food is obviously a problem.

Slaves are like animals - the moment you turn your eyes off them, they’ll eat anything put in front of them. And since they go around pretending to be people in their everyday life, they’ll get a lot of it. Cookies at the Christmas party at work? Check. They go to the movies with their ‘friends’ and order popcorn. When dropping by trying your neighbour’s cake. They’re practically stealing food meant for real people - not to mention confusing their minds with these notions of humanity.


The best thing you can do is make sure that your slave thinks twice about taking up any offer

  • Enforce honesty. The moment it’s at your place it must report anything it has eaten since it last saw you. If that was a long while or your slave has ‘poor memory’ a journal might help. OR: Have it create an Instagram account where it posts pictures of everything it eats. To any other person, it will only look like a complete tool but its a great way for you and the world to keep track.

  • Make a catalogue of punishments for any wrong or unnecessary foods: Try making its gruel more water for a few days, additional time added to its chastity, a nasty quick flogging before its next meal, washing out its mouth with soap or any of the punishments described above. Be creative. And then: Save the catalogue on your slave's phone so that it will always have it with it. No: “I didn’t know…” or “I wasn’t sure it was in the catalogue!” No excuses. Best make it google docs so that you can add any new ideas you come up with - your slave better checks its catalogue once in a while!

  • Have your slave write up a list of its favourite foods. Then when it’s finished, you order your slave to pick three ingredients from the list that it will from now on the claim to be allergic. It will be forced to decline any offer of foods containing it - it can’t even give in one time. Otherwise, it’ll look like a liar in front of people it knows. Now you control when and whether it will eat its favourite foods. You might even order it to become vegetarian or vegan to the public.

  • Order your slave to carry a small bag of salt or hot sauce or any other taste not to its liking around with it. If it can get away with it, it is to ruin its food- This way it’ll be conditioned to dislike people-food, especially any not served at your place.

  • Alcohol is a no-go (and you can easily test your slave for it). If anything, it should happily endure the mockery for ordering water at the pub if it means it gets actual clean water that’s not from a little bowl on the floor mixed with gruel and tasting of metal. More than it deserves!

  • Have a slave wear a corset under its clothes in public if it lacks self-control. Consider the possibility of locking it in place. It will help with the pangs of hunger!

  • If your slave can get away with it, it should take any food home with it rather than eat it at work or elsewhere. At home, it can hand its food over to you, an actual person. While it’s eating its portion of gruel, you can inform it exactly how delicious the food is the food you provided.