Effective Punishments

by Aramock Nanuck

     August 2007

This article is in response to a request from a follower about how to punish a submissive long-distance. Punishment does not equate to pain. Very often, pain is a form of foreplay and should not be confused with punishment. Additionally, many submissives are also masochists, so pain as a punishment may not be appropriate. First and foremost, the submissive must know that the Dominant cares for them. Submissive's should also understand that the penalty is not a reaction to anger but a tool to encourage improvement.

Many of the following punishments are suitable for both real-life and long-distance.  It is essential in a long-distance relationship that the Dominant reinforces the affection felt for the submissive after the sentence.

Make sure the punishment fits the crime. Once completing the sentence, should not expect it to continue or there be further recriminations. Dominants may wish to add penalties not include that are most effective with their submissive.


Selecting this classic requires forethought and care. The act of repetitively writing something has a magical effect of making the writer believe it. A recommended psychological impact of having the errant submissive write is, "My Dominant owns my pleasure, and I will not deny his right to it," instead of "I'm sorry for being a disobedient whore."


Bringing a submissive to her knees can remind them why obedience is essential. Extended times kneeling are uncomfortable. The added effectiveness of the classic pain punishment of kneeling naked on grains is remarkable.


An excellent long-distance pain punishment is to have the submissive wrap a huge rubber band around a thigh, pull it back several inches, release and repeat.

Corner Time

Facing a corner wither kneeling, standing, or holding ankles was effective in schools for years. The added difficulty of having the submissive use their nose to hold a coin against the wall has a very humiliating effect. The inevitable failures resulting in dropping the coin are a silent reminder of a Dominant's disappointment in the submissive.

Extra Chores

One of the least favourite and fun punishments is the assignment of extra chores.


This pain punishment also works well long-distance. An uncomfortable reminder of the offence is clamping while doing other activities. However, to ensure this is not construed as "playtime," select well areas of the body to clamp.



This punishment is not practical long-distance. Demanding a submissive go to be early or remove privileges for social media, TV and radio, etc., is like grounding a child.


Having a bar of plain soap (Ivory makes a good choice) is for times when needing to correct verbal affronts.


This punishment has variable and sometimes limited effect, but the instance that a submissive removes articles of clothes tends to be another form of humiliation.


Most submissive are not adept at the effort required to write long essays. The act of having the submissive write down how they failed and its effect can be mentally exhausting for many submissives.


Have the submissive insert peeled ginger root into their bottom. This type of pain most masochists do not enjoy, and non-masochists hate. The bonus is that unlike other methods such as using icy-hot, ginger root causes pain reaction but won't damage tissue.


Placing a plug into the anus without sexual context for extended amounts of time is uncomfortable. Reinforce the punishment by a trip to the store or public activity.


The denial of a submissives existence is emotionally very taunting. It expresses the deep distress a Dominant has without verbal or other action. It is simply the erasure of the submissive as an entity. This punishment requires that all present reinforce this with no acknowledgement or communications occurring. The drawback is that the submissive may construe this as a breach of the emotional bonds in a relationship. It could undermine their reliance on the submissive.


The termination of a relationship before the agreed end date is an irrevocable act of punishment. It ends the chance for reform and should occur after exhausting all other options.


The verification of long-distance punishments is always an issue. Confirmation of these punishments requires supporting evidence such as videos, pictures, voice etc. This verification reinforces the presence of the Dominant as well as ensuring the execution of the retribution. The reinforcement helps the submissive understand the importance of obedience and the Dominant's commitment.