Humiliation 2.png

Genuinely Humiliating Acts

by Aramock Nanuck

     May 2021

The following acts many find humiliating and are useful as training aids or to punish.


  1. After a long day, make a slave massage a Dominant’s dirty, sweaty feet with their tongue.

  2. Beat a slave repetitively while telling them it is only for the Dominant’s pleasure.

  3. Cum in a slave’s hair and letting it dry.

  4. Demean a slave as unworthy by telling a slave they are stupid every time making a mistake.

  5. Deny a slave a bra away while saying, “little girls don’t need them.”

  6. Don’t let a slave’s whip spit from their face after receiving it.

  7. Fingering a slave during an inspection while commenting on their insecurities.

  8. Fuck a slave:

    1. After choking them until they blackout

    2. After feeding drugs or alcohol to make them drowsy or passed

    3. Ass and then make them suck the dick after.

    4. In a family washroom

    5. Throat until they throw up

    6. Throat using a dildo as a pacifier.

    7. With a bag tied over their head, telling them it hides their hideous face

    8. With food before making them eat it

  9. Help a slave study by spanking a slave every time they get an answer wrong.

  10. In public,

    1. Deny a slave panty and bra while wearing revealing clothes.

    2. Make a slave drink bodily fluids from a bottle.

    3. Make a slave feel vulnerable by removing their clothes and makeup.

    4. Make a slave hold themself wide open for fucking.

    5. Make a slave model all their new clothing and change.

    6. Make a slave piss into their hand and rub the fingers in the mouth.

    7. Make a slave wear a buttplug.

  11. Invite a friend home to use slave’s holes, making them wait, spread and ready by the door for the Dominant and friends arrival.

  12. Make a slave

    1. Act as a table for the Dominant, and guests eat meals off a slave.

    2. Act like a mannequin by making them pose without moving or making a sound.

    3. Edge every half hour so that they must pull edge in the middle of a conversation.

    4. Follow rules by watching them on security cameras.

    5. Hump a Dominant’s knee.

    6. Lick a Dominant’s ass clean after using the toilet.

    7. Listening to hypnotic audios while fingering them.

    8. Moo, oink, a meow, bark in place of specific words (e.g., oink = Yes) to confuse them, and their conversations sound ridiculous.

    9. Pee outside in the grass squatting like a puppy.

    10. Pee when tied and force-feeding lots of fluids.

    11. Repeat horrible, degrading things about themselves.

    12. Rub their cunt against someone’s shoes to polish them.

    13. Stretch their cunt, and then express how they should be tighter.

    14. Talk about their father as being fucked.

    15. Talk about wanting to be raped as being fucked.

    16. Watch tv with a mouth full of cock while receiving the occasional punch to their head to avoid getting comfortable.

  13. Piss in a slave’s:

    1. Ass using a funnel.

    2. Hair and make them wait for it to dry.

    3. Mouth and make them swallow.

  14. Placing a foot on the slave’s face while being fucked..

  15. Shove a slave’s:

    1. Head into a toilet, making them lick it clean while flushing.

    2. Head underwater, then pull them up with kisses and rough fucking.

    3. Childhood toys into their cunt or ass.

  16. Tease a slave with a teeny tiny bit of food, not letting them a full meal.

  17. Tie a slave up and throw a slave in the trunk of a vehicle to take a road trip, make them claustrophobic and worried by not telling them the purpose of the trip.

  18. Videotape a slave on a trip to the forest while fucking themself with material found on the ground.

  19. Watch a slave

    1. Eat off of the floor.

    2. Have a bowel movement in a pot.

    3. Masturbate to images of videos of their abuse.

    4. Struggle and shiver as forced to take a cold shower

    5. Struggle as they complete a list of chores while cuffed.

    6. Struggle when falling from a chair with a rope tied around their neck after edging them to cum as frequently as possible.

    7. Wriggle against binds as the Dominant watches tv.

  20. When a slave raises feminism, politics or religion, have the dominant unzip their pants and shove their cock in the slave’s mouth. Then laugh at the slave while forcing them to keep mumbling around the Dominant’s cock.

  21. While farting, have a slave lick a Dominant’s ass.

  22. Write horrible things across a slave’s body.