Fetish University

Learning for Serious Lifestyle Enthusiasts

Dark Castle Sin - Proudly launches "Fetish University" for all of those individuals serious and devoted to the lifestyle.

Disclaimer - The education herein is real and serious, but the degrees will not be recognized outside the fetish community.

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Reference Materials

A series of documents and PDF forms, tables etc, aimed at helping those needing some guidance.

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Kinky Web Resources

This is a list of useful information on the web for kinksters.

What do Dominant's Desire

Years of interacting with dominants worldwide yield a common set of desires most submissives should be aware of.

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Genuinely Humiliating Acts

These activities many find humiliating and are useful as punishment or training aids.

Harshness Expected

Those outside the lifestyle insisting on human rights and fundamental decencies are counterintuitive to the process of becoming a slave.