The Rediscovery of Kink

Ancient history

Throughout history, men viewed women as property and them whenever, wherever, and however they wished.  Conquering armies would kill the local male population and enslave or claim the women as breeding stock. It is scientifically proven that this more than any other activity helped diversify the gene pool.  In closed societies, like Innuits, isolated tribes in the Americas, Africa and Asia inbreeding caused many genetic defects.

Cavemen, Invaders, Husbands, all men throughout history when they wanted sex threw women down, penetrated them, ejaculated into them and left.  Sex for 200,000 years ended when the man ejaculated, and no attempt was made to make this experience pleasurable for women because it was not necessary to do so, and one could even go so far as to say it is unnatural to do so.


The Start of Repression

The end of the 1700’s was the previous great explosion of kink. The advent of empire and Victorian principles as kink shoved into dark and sulled places, never questions, asked about and only shared by random coincidence.

Post Second World War

Mother Nature is also acutely aware that procreation ensures the survival of the species but now is at the core of the very threat to our existence. The continuation of the species, became a mantra for establishing religions who to this day challenge population control and same-sex unions merely because they will not accept the impact we are having. Women “knew” their place, men were arrogant, in charge and took such liberties as they desired with their wives and other women. It was always behind closed doors and so long as NOT publicly a spectacle it was turned a blind eye to by all and sundry. Men would joke and brag about conquests in private but so long as the “ wife” was never shamed or publicly humiliated a lot was tolerated.

Partners couldn’t have raw animalistic sex, they couldn’t conquer an another's body. Repression reared strong in the pronouncements of polite society.


The 50's Household Reality

There has been a long time of change happening from the 1950’s to now. Initially, we saw a very traditional household where politeness, correct behaviour and the illusion of “normalcy” reigned. Sex was primarily focused on reproduction as a necessary component not only for social grow but became an economic opportunity. Our offspring were our investment in our retirement. Even today this is the case in many Asia, African and Latin cultures. It is why they continue to see explosive population growth while the more advanced societies see populations shrinking. There are exceptions because Singapore with it massive earning power still has explosive population growth as a core component to government economic policy.

A Change in Attitudes

With the sixties saw the second age of enlightenment and a radical drop in many advanced societies in the control the religious right had on culture. Coupled with this the view that liberal sexual activities were always something done with those who were paid for such services and never expected at home., changed. Free love came into being without the focus on procreation.

The liberalization of women's chest, sexual pairings and alternative lifestyles all accompanied a waning of sexual constraints. This was an age where tolerance became acceptable with the younger generation who felt a need to discover themselves and explore their sexuality. Long before kink came alive again the discussions about a woman’s sexual needs thrust on to the stage. Now men had to think about a woman’s pleasure when they had sex. Because the lesbians had actively rediscovered and promoted the orgasms, and became a real threat to male supremacy as frequently were more caring and better lovers than men. Men began to pretend they enjoyed eating pussy for five minutes at a time during this strange new invention called “foreplay” but discovered a real taste soon (forgive the pun) for foreplay and how it extended the sensations. However, it opened the doors to the search for a variety of activities and variations.

ReInventing Kink

It also saw the immediate resurfacing of the BDSM lifestyle with repopularizing of such books as “the Store of O”, “Karma Sutra”,  “Justine” or “Lolita” and others.  The Idea that the local hardware or farm implements store held opportunities for kink, ropes, chains, horse crops and cattle prods all started seeing people who would not have an occupational reason now venturing there to buy items for other purposes.  Kink found its way into the pulp novels and magazines of the times. Noted psychologist began examining the reality (or their perceived view of it of human sexuality.


The seventies began in earnest to support even the alternate styles with the liberalization reaching into taboo areas such as homosexual relations and such. The backlash was massive, and many felt it had gone too far, governments and communities split along numerous lines over these separate views. Sex also became a rallying cry for both the ultra liberals and the ultra-conservatives while the formal church initially sided with the right.  Two things happened though that reinforced that some changes were here to stay. One the information age through tv, media and later the internet became a forum for sharing these ideas on all sides. And human inquisitiveness kept pushing boundaries… Always what is next.  Then the increase of affluence of the middle class meant they could now do many of the same things that the rich had always done and began to flaunt the accepted norms of polite society.

The Uglies Come Back

However, with the eighties, a massive set of changers stalled the liberalization. This began a thirty years stint of questioning, change and cultural reevaluation. The redefinition of what was weird and normal struck upon some shoals for a while. It took two to three decades for fetish lifestyle to climb back out of the closets they were shoved into.

Men and women were having significantly more sex, and with a broader variety of people.  Yet something was missing, and it always seems an inconsequential or meaningless exercise.  People thought they would enjoy and naturally get better at sex. But this wasn’t the case in many circumstances.

AID Reinforces Repression

The advent of AIDs and some high profile exposes on sexually deviant behaviour were wrongly linked together. Society immediately withdrew and fell back on old habits of the 50’s. Society assumed that “safe and sane”  just did not count when it came to sex, and they knew the “Lord”  was punishing the immoral and unrighteous with these diseases. Publicly it was seen as a resurgence in the organized religions, but soon science showed that much of the myth was false.

So what is natural.

The search for a more natural acceptance of sex and deviate behaviour came not from accepting deviate but from redefining what it meant to be a deviant. Society has clearly drawn a line in the sand with underage participants, and those in all walks of life professed to accept the limit.

Another change was that women refound their inner sexual selves. To many these women became sluts, but in fact, it is now a label many adopt as a badge of honour. Through them with help from porn and general inquisitive nature to re-explore the nature of kink changes began to happen by the end of the decade.

Making Sex Natural 

The 1990′s  saw a new wave of pornographers who truly understood were not afraid to show what made both men and women satisfied. They also rediscovered the need for humiliating sex and the need for domination by both women and men as objects d’amour. The latest sex toys were not the Hitachi massagers but the “slut”  down the street.


Porn Leads the way

Leading the charge was the Max Hardcore with extraordinarily degrading and abusive pornography.   One of Max’s favourite tricks was the introduction of yellow rain play. ​It was believed he would fail within six months as who would willingly want to work with him?  Porn workers could make the same money shooting ordinary scenes for 100′s of different companies; no one would want to suffer the sort of abuse that Max Hardcore was dishing out, or would they?

Max knew deep down that many craved being truly dominated.  Max understood the history and need for domination, and that individuals wanted but not only required sex but abuse as well.  The idea of a submissive suffering for their dominant rushed into the forefront. In the end, he had no shortage of willing participants. Parallel to him the Bear and leather propelled the gay and bi community to the same discoveries. Soon they merged into what is today the modern Fetish reality and existence of the likes of “Upper Floor”,  “Kink.com” and its counterparts.

Exploring Continues

Individuals became as eager to explore taking scenes further. Anal, deep throat, Ass-To-Mouth all came into being decide such items as gangbangs and as people looked to other cultures explore many of the ritualistic aspect s of sex in different cultures.  Brutal throat fucking, bukkake, and shibari all were imported and incorporated into the fetish lifestyle and as it became common in pornography started to spread into broader communities. No longer a few hidden few but vast groups of people were attending fetish festival, events in near public settings.

Spanking for foreplay soon moved to beatings, wax play, electric shock, water torture, and eventually even cutting and needles. It almost is commonplace now for lifestyle members to be spat on, pissed in, choked and abused without mercy as a form of foreplay or only as its own activity.



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