Harshness Expected

by Aramock Nanuck

     May 2021


A Wake-Up Call

It should scare a novice slave that a Dominant is an avid lifestyle enthusiast and sadist. Life with them is always edgy, especial with an experienced Dominant.

Factors At Play

There is a combination of factors that come into play to make this become more than a game. Just donning a fetish outfit or being nude on demand does not make one submissive, let alone a slave! Transitioning towards the role requires massive commitments on the part of both mentor and subject. Without this commitment over the long term, frustration will abound for all participants unless they are only playing games. A sincere Dominant lives this lifestyle 24x7 rather than play at it.

Many factors require a novice slave's removal from the places and people a novice slave knows. Dominant will apply restrictions while reinforcing the loss of civil status, especially during the trial period. No contact will be allowed with those who wish to rescue a slave from themself! Those outside the lifestyle insisting on human rights and fundamental decencies are counterintuitive to the process of becoming a slave.



A novice slave needs a place where people won't disturb the activities or interfere with their treatment. Ideally, where there are demands of high service quality.  Hence, the reason many Dominants operate dungeons.



Once surrendering control to the Dominant, protocol drives everything; speech, dress, deportment, and stimulation restrictions force a reevaluation by a slave of their place in society. Denying a slave access to tv, news, games, social media, and other activities encourages their focus on their Dominant.

A slave needs to be routinely subject to harsh conditions encouraging a slave to rely on instinct rather than intellect. Coupled to obedience training and punishments reinforces a novice slave are a slave without human rights!


Sex is a Motivator

Sex is a reward. Sexual deprivation is not and would become a norm. So yes, randomly forcing orgasms or complete denial ensures learning it master who issues both punishment and rewards!


Artifacts of Control

Wearing a shock collar is an inducement to obey. Hoods with limited ability to see or hear deny a slaver sensual stimulation. Being encased in rubber or locked in cages become the source of quiet in a novice slaver life. Over time the crack of the whip or rape of a novice slaver holes becomes a sought-after stimulus.