Cutting / Scarification

This fetish strikes at the extreme emotions of the subjects involved. If it is a part of an S&M ritual the the power trips expressed in is absolute as a headrush. If it is self scarification then it denotes a set o emotional challenges within the individual where it serves to satisfy the need for punishment or simply a form of permanent physical adornment.  This fetish is very deep and psychologically driven so not one which is a recommended form of "play".  The fetish takes time to learn, time to execute, and time for adjustment of the mindset of the people involved. The essence is very breathtaking, and create a sense of awe in spectators, heavy excitement for the participants, and changes within all involved.



Cutting and Scarification have been around throughout the ages, at various times it was used to mark and identify slaves as property. Even recent history has seen scarification as an alternative to branding. In some groups it is exists as form of identification of the members of a cult or social organization. Tribes all around the world continue to use piercing and cutting rituals. Buddhists in places like Thailand and Burma use a form or bamboo pricing to etch raised symbols of religious significance even today. Some forms piercing and cuttings, also formed decorative additions for royalty and their vassals.


Risks & Sanitary Conditions

Under the wrong conditions having ears, tongues, lips, pierced could introduce the risk of infection. The methods used long ago were crude, unsanitary and caused many deaths by uncontrolled infections.  Today it is better, but with many the cost of sanitation sometimes forces them to use unhealthy methods, reuse needles, razors or blades which have not been properly sterilized. Again exposing people today to unnecessary risk of Aids, Herpes 1,2,3, and other STD through the unknown transfer of bodily fluids. 


There are legal implications as well, so clearly a well documented release and a consent form is a must. This form must be completed clearly describing what and how the event will occur and the fact that all parties willingly and freely consent to its execution (sorry for the deliberate pun).


Why Scarification?

The human psyche is a very convoluted and complex thing, which drives people at times to do things which other find irrational. This view is in part because people did not take the time to understand the motivations. Today in schools throughout the modern world young women are routinely scaring themselves deliberately. Many times this tied to the Gothic Sub-Culture which has always been loosely bound to the fetish lifestyle. 



A 13-year-old girl in school rolls up her sleeve and taking a razor blade draws it across her left wrist. She watches the blood start to flow. Then she does it once more. Why this weirdly casual public display and private self-abuse occurs? Is it a morbid secret and a public act of restitution or merely a teenager seeking notoriety?


Self Abuse

Frequently this form of self- abuse is a sign of psychological disturbance. Self-Cutting, in particular, is used to offset a conscious or otherwise need to damage oneself as a form of atonement. Those deeply religious or with strict upbrings are more prone to being self-cutting. They may cut themselves, burn themselves, bruise themselves, even at times break their bones;  this equally falls into the same class of activities as anorexia or bulimia.  At the core of it is though is the  cry for help.


In other cases, there is a  carving for  pain as a way of escaping. Some are simply retreating from a confusing and complicated world, while others are filled with feelings of self-loathing, a sense of being marginal and alone. The act of cutting gives them something to "feel" in a world which has denied them other emotional inputs.  Some individuals find it merely for the sensation and fulfillment (fun) it delivers.


Dom/Sub and Sad/Maso Connections

Individuals begin to discover fetishes which emerge during their development stages, resulting in the drive to engage in the activities viewed as forbidden fruit. Taking the point of realization that this will continue and is borne of a fetish then it should be considered NATURAL within the lifestyle. These activities satisfy desire, sexuality, pleasure, eroticism and a sense of justice for the parties involved. It should be noted, that self mutilating invariable make excellent masos and slaves. Psychologically it has been demonstrated that when a dominant mark a submissive in any way it creates a reinforcement of the bonds between them.


Engaging S&M Style

Extending this to a D/s and S/m relationship is relatively simple. At the core of it is communications and commitment. The scenes are the epitome of consensual acts. The parties both the CUTTER and CUTTEE must be willing and informed participants. The acts are deeply moving and affects different people in different ways. The level of cooperation is heightened to a point that each knows exactly what the other is going to do when. Safewords once start tend to be useless, because once the cut is made, it can not be undone. Therefore the information flowing between the parties must be precise, accurate and hones  at all times.


How Cutting

The act of actually cutting is relatively simple, just draw a line with the sharp edge across the bare skin of the target. Sounds easy right, well it isn't. The human body has particular areas where even the shallowest of cuts can cause a massive amount of bleeding.  The deepness of a cut can sometimes run the risk or a key vein or artery. There are parts of the body which should be avoided until expert. These are the neck, top of the head, and genitalia.


Discuss the deepness and distance between as well as the number of slices to be made. The size, and placement also will have an effect as they directly affect visibility, healing time and permanence. The depth of a cust will determine the period of time necessary for the opening to close, heal and scar appropriately.  Once engaged in these activities the changes to the body will likely be permanent.


The "victim" should lay down with portions of the body targeted clear and exposed.  A good practice is to thoroughly clean the targeted area with an antiseptic wash. Ensure that the instrument to be used have likewise been sterilized. Now the exacting move of slicing into the flesh begins.  The sadist (r cutter) will run the tip of the instrument up and down the skin tracing the shape chosen to impart. A slow repetitive process will invariably stimulate the the subject. Eventually it is necessary to exert more pressure and pierce the skin which finally creates the cut to the depth desired. It can be extremely painful  as well as pleasurable for both parties if done appropriately.


Simulating Blood Sacrifices 
If emulating a blood ritual then bind the arms and legs of the "Ophir" to the table or alter.  The ritual may simulate an offering to the gods (Aztec, Mayan, Satanist, Pagan, etc) or merely be a construct to relish in the release of blood. Regardless of the the event simulated it is important to assure a sufficient blood flow to be worth the effort while not endangering the "Ophir". Blood to be shared or consumed should not be wasted hence there should be vessel readily at hand or clay bowl under the point of bleeding to collect the blood. How the blood is used is very dependent on the ritual being simulated. Never draw more than one pint (250 ml) of blood at a time, and never draw more than once from any single source in a two week period.

After Care

Chose and have readily available the different gauge needles, disinfectant, gauze pads, sutures for large cuttings, scalpels, knives, Novocain/ Lydocain to treat the affected area after the session is complete. Apply an antiseptic salve or cream to the area. Note: Some anti-bacterial actually create scaring, so ask the pharmacist before purchasing the ointment of salve. After this apply sterile bandages. It may be prudent to add painkillers in severe cases. The bandages need frequent changing (twice a day minimum), and the mark needs regular checking for infection. 



At the first sign of infection, antibiotics need to be administered. Have the subject rest afterwards and have a drink of fluids. Do not expect vigorous activity and do expect lightheadedness and disorientation.   If these guidelines are followed, you can engage in this activity safely with the desired affects.



  • The area in which the activity takes place must be sterile/clean.

  • STD's and AIDS are usually fluid born (yes blood), therefore avoid infection by:

    • Have the blood donor pretest if sharing blood.

    • Do not use blood ritualistically from an infected person.

    • Ensure all instruments are fully sterilized before and after use.

  • Staff infections of today, don't die easily

  • Permanent changes will occur not just in the body but also psyche and soul.

  • Know very well with whom you are engaging in these activities.


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