Edging and Orgasm Control

By Aramock Nanuck

     August 1999

What is Edging

Edging is a typical process employed by dominants to keep their submissive eager and horny. It is the process of direct stimulation of the genitals by either another person or supervised masturbation; while never allowing a climax to occur. The sequence is halted just at the “edge” of orgasm, hence the term. Teasing the submissive until they are just about to orgasm demonstrates a level of control that cannot be measured compared to always allowing a slave to cum.


Increasing Potency

Making this even more potent ensures that at least one to two of the daily edges occurs outdoors and, if possible, in a public setting. .Where it happens is irrelevant, but changing the location makes this an expected act regardless of the situation and an on-demand activity. So public toilets at school/work, coffee shop, an alleyway, a public park, subway train, bus or even a taxi, etc., all provide ideal settings to increase humiliation and the surrender of control. Edging outside private settings and choosing a submissive instills the acceptance that they can be touched or made to touch themselves wherever.  It also begins to develop an acceptance of public use (mounting) at any time in any situation or location.  


Orgasm Control        

Edging is also considered a significant component of training in orgasm control. Edging to be effective must occur several (up to 8) times a day and is vital for many reasons.  It keeps the submissive in a constant state of being horny and craving the release of an orgasm. It also focuses more mental activity on pure physical pleasure and less on intellectual pursuits. The combined effect is to make the subject more of a bimbo and sex addict. If the individual is straight, it will focus thoughts on getting dick.


Effects on Intellect

The implied effect over several weeks is to lower the ability of the subject to form rational thought, effectively reducing its intellectual capacities. It is the same process as keeping one struggling for food to become preoccupied with the demands of survival and less on the challenges it would otherwise address. The managing down of intellect makes subjects much more pliant, as they receive occasional rewards from any source becomes their release, alternative ceases consideration.


The need to have release results in the subject constantly in a state of availability and, more importantly, self-lubricated (wet) so any dick can easily penetrate it. It will become less concerned about which dick and merely seek any to do so.  When training a true bimbo slut nurturing sensations, desire and attitude are essential if it fixes the submissive mindset.  


Positive Effects on Other Control Aspects

The lack of intellectual capacity also reduces the challenge and resistance a submissive will create. Slaves become more docile, and focusing on their needs becomes all-consuming. Continued progress for months, with periodic releases, increases the desire while fulfilling the need lessens. The mere penetration or touch by a dominant can sometimes trigger orgasms in the needy submissive.


Reinforcing a Lack of Choice

Edging teaches the submissive that they have virtually no say on where or when, or how used.  The result is that the slave accepts their position as a fuck toy and possession of their dominant.


Complementing Denial with Continuous Orgasms

A complementary process is to force them to cum via orgasm after orgasm vibrators, Symbian, or fucking machines hours.  Again this causes the brain to focus only on the physical experience and remove cognitive thought from the submissive. An example is placing them in tight bondage and attached to such devices for 3+ hours with ample lubricant will cause a complete shutdown of reasoning. The result is that even hours later, the submissive is so sensitive that the slightest touch elicits screams, and their begging becomes unintelligible. Doing so should only occur after a series of two to three weeks of edging. Then the dominant will have complete control over the submissive’s sexuality.