Even The Brave Quake

Lifestyle Captive

The Prisoner, captive and forced labour fantasies tend to be a re-occuring theme at the extreme end of this lifestyle.  Let's try to understand living the fantasy versus reality.

Reality Better than Fantasy

Nothing is ever more extreme than reality, nor is any fantasy ever as satisfying. A real experience years ago at the height of BDSM activities in Europe.

Setting Aside  Harshness

The harsh reality of real slavery is toyed with in the lifestyle but in most cases only for defined periods or levels of extreme acts.

Brutes,übers & Extreme Pain

Edge of pain is prolonged and has many metaphysical, physiological, psycological and  social aspects to it.


Cutting and Scarification

This fetish is focused on the extreme pain and permanent marking of a submissive as well as the on-time joy given a sadist.


This fetish is the ultimate headrush. The deep psychological impacts are such they should not be done lightly.

Subjects too Dark 
for mere Mortals

These materials address the reality and fantasy of the darkest perspectives of this lifestyle. 


Access only by special permission.


This theme proposes that slavery does exist, and how it would be implemented in the most extreme of cases.

Slavery's Reality
Domination in Action
"The Mind-fuck"

Dominance is a mental act with physical level enhancements.   Domination is nothing more than directed violence as is sex if neither intellect or emotions are involved. 


This fetish is a common interest shared by many vanilla subcultures.


BDSM taken to Extreme

The activities which take BDSM to the extreme levels.