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We apply the conventions for European Kink to the alternative lifestyle community formerly out Singapore, now moved to Canada

Ethics not Morals

In the absence of good and evil there only is an existence; which is neither the moral nor immoral. It is in this absence that principles, protocols and personal honour must determine the worth of an individual. It is their clear and unwavering adherence to these ethics that make for stauncher things than those whom merely by lip service observe morals, and in the end, creates true values.


When men/women of honour lead, then they do so without malice, negativity or thoughts of personal gain. It only then that they truly gain Mastery over others, for mastery demands devotion to duty, and the realization of the needs and desires of others. This mastery then exceeds in sum the submission mere slaves give to their Dominant. As Dominant one must lead, govern, educate and enrich the lives of his/her subjects... for otherwise, they are but sycophants and tyrants.

All tyrannies succumb in the end to disaster and shame. Hedonism plays no part in this; it is an apparition that forms from acts done devoid of much higher levels of meaning that the mere morally bound cannot see.


The author writes these articles with a male dominant and female submissive role. This style is not gender bias but merely fact it is written in such a way that fits a "standard" view. It equally could be reverse roles, and or male-2-male or female-2-female.  There is no intention of the author to preclude any variations on the theme.


This site was corrupted and has had all of the articles updated as of 08 April 2018.  If you discover broken links, or articles corrupted please advise us immediately.

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