Ice Integrated in Scenes

by Aramock Nanuck

      February 2001

Most scenes aim to push the experience and provide variety not found in “vanilla” interactions. The application of ice is frequently used as a counter agent to pain or heat to soothe the subject of torments. However, ice in itself can be an as sensual experience of any.


Icing a Control Mechanism?

The sensations associated with ice play have remarkable side effects.  When used judiciously as a treatment, it demonstrates care and understanding, almost a gentling as it is used to alleviate the pain. Used on its own expresses a sense of creativity that all submissives expect from their Dom.  At a subconscious level, ice on newbies can alter the state of the submissive's mind allowing greater control than expected. Continue to change the slave expectations, the Dominant continues to sharpen the mind and mould the existences of the submissive in line with the Dominant's desires. Put the introduction of ice to activities encourages submissives, no matter how they initially feel to be more:

  • At peace with the Dom's actions

  • Feelings of care and interest by the Dom

  • Encourage a sense of patience with the Dom

  • Accepting Dom's control and

  • Willing to submit to Dom's desires.

Pros & Cons of Cold Sources 
Normal freezer ice: 
  • Pros

    • The simplest and easiest to procure and use,

    • Small size for perfect control and sensitivity,

    • Easy to clean up; towel the water residue,

    • Readily available or purchased,

    • Totally biodegradable.

  • Cons

    • Dissolves quickly:

      • In hot environments,

      • Once in contact with human skin,

      • Dissolves quicker on burns,

    • Water residue is easily contaminated.

Drink Rocks:
  • Pros

    • Cheap and available in normal discount and novelty stores.

    • Small size for perfect control and sensitivity,

    • Retains cold state twice as long as ice,

    • Easy to clean up, wash with soap and water,

    • Does not dissolve; no watery mess to clean up,

    • It can be refrozen, reused multiple times.

  • Cons

    • It can be rougher on the skin,

    • Not ideal for the treatment of wounds or burns,

    • Costs significantly more than ice.


Freezer Packs:
  • Pros

    • Cheap and available at normal discount and grocery stores.

    • Retains cold state twice as long as ice,

    • Easy to clean up, wash with soap and water,

    • Useful when wrapped in cotton bandages for wound and burn relief,

    • Does not dissolve; no watery mess to clean up,

    • It can be refrozen, reused multiple times.

  • Cons

    • Difficult to use on delicate subjects

    • Not practical for precise applications,

    • Costs significantly more than ice.


Risks and Issues

Ice and icey products do not usually come with safety warnings, but most people do not expect them used the way fetishists and sadists will. Awareness of some safety and handling items will make for a more satisfying experience.

  1. Never use dry ice on any part of the body, as this can severely damage the skin.

  2. Ice can cause injury to sensitive areas of the body. Avoid placing on areas of thinner skin like the male and female genitalia for more than a couple of seconds.

  3. Never uses an alternative to the ice for penetration into orifices, as they do not dissolve and may become lodged.

  4. If ice is held too long in any area, it can create a frostbite-type burn which can kill skin and underlying nerves.

  5. If you are using it for pain, the remember insertion into any orifice will have the most intense sensations.


Focusing on the Sensation

The goal of most ice play is the tricking of the subject by teasing areas with the ice quickly while focusing on the sensation as it happens. As the subject becomes accustomed to the feelings, they will be able to handle more time with the ice in their sensitive areas. Remember, one of the best sensation mixes occurs when the unexpected happens. The shock and mild fear or anticipation of the act ramps up the experiences.


The first approach instills a sense of trust, and confidence in the subject of the activities. The second approach will fill the subject with apprehension and fear, weakening the comfort bond you may have established. The two approaches are:

  • Fully brief the subject beforehand when starting the scene, or

  • Ensure the subject is totally unaware it is coming and surprise them.


Blindfolding the subject in either approach allows for the sensation of unpredictability to play with their subconscious raising the overall sensual experience.  Regardless have them to stay as still and as quiet as they can. Then begin to trace the ice around their nipples, their neck, their inner thighs, their bottom and slight touches over their genitals. This may be difficult for them to stop from twitching and moaning with each contact. Continue to using broad circles closing inwards in repeated loops to intensify the sensation in the target areas. Replace the ice as it melts, leaving the subject slightly chilled until they stop reacting to the sensation. Using the ice on the palms of the hands or on the feet can also send out shrieks, which are quite delightful.


Equally distracting for sadists is to place an ice cube in each hand and tell them not to let go. Frequently they will be unable to do so which gives an excuse to spank or use some other torment on them. Another practice is to use the ice to numb a sensitive area, nipple, clits, or scrotum, and then attach a pinching device. As the numbing leaves, the body the pain form the pinching items intensifies, however, body memory being what it ramps to the pain to the max, when the item is subsequently removed. Allowing the subject to become completely engaged at the moment and sensations offered.


Self Icing

A particularly devious and yet playful form of indirect control is to have the subject practice this on their own. The act of self-icing continue the submissives training and reinforces control particularly when the Dominant is not present. The simplest and non-connected with your acts is having the subject hold a piece of ice between their thighs for extended periods (10-20 minutes), another real freakish addition is to have the subject buy specialty shape trays for ice. Then they can prepare the ice for the next session.  You can also have them add food colour to the ice to make it more colourful during a session but never use anything other than pure ice on wounds.