Lifestyle Captive

by Aramock Nanuck

     June 2013

Fact versus Fantasy

We shall separate fact from fantasy for a moment! In one way or another, any person's life has essential some level of bondage, structure, and discipline associated with it. Life in Prison is not a fantasy but a harsh and demeaning reality meant to exact revenge from an individual for wrongs committed against some form of authority. Prison couples to a severe set of denial practices and at times violence perpetrated by the Jailers (Warden or guards) and other prisoners in many cases. So a life sentence is a harsh reality to which few would want to subject themselves.  The same is true of a lifetime of submission to a sadistic Master.


Fantasy Play

Now the fantasy aspect of this has all of the same aspects but limited because the Jailer is also committing a crime by forced illegal detention. But having said that, many aspects of fantasy incarceration can be as harsh and restrictive as reality. So taking this to the point and assuming the incarceration but not how the inmate gets there, let’s explore life in bondage.

I particularly use the term bondage to keep with the lifestyle but produces the same effects.  Slavery is holding a person in conditions not of their control with no way to “freedom” which they can affect other than escape after all.  There are more parallels than not to prison.


Maximum - Restricting Everything

So proposing this, we see that prison has more restrictions and fewer opportunities than a slave, so it is simply the most extreme form of this.  I would add that it is mandatory to couple sentences with a release or termination clause, so by default, it ends with the death of a prisoner in the case of a life sentence. {A topic for another time and article.}


Thinking its Real 

Having set the stage for this now, understanding that this is as much a mental exercise as practical implementation from a dominant's perspective.  The physical is merely the application of the mental aspects. Ultimately incarceration is about control, isolation and dehumanization of a subject.  Sometimes they enter of their own volition; other times dragged in chains. The difference is that a level of free will is imposed on the next step; removing that free will is essential to a fantasy situation.



A person enters as a slave or prisoner in the stone walls of their tormentors to begin their humiliation. Some are allowed to undress in a dignified arena; others shackled have their street clothes forcibly removed or cut from their bodies. I propose the latter. In a public setting, this literally strips the person of aspects of their former life. Naked and exposed, they are inspected, showered or hosed clean and left in an inspection grid for up 2 hours. Individuals (no longer free) sometimes resist and, in harsher environments, beaten into submission. Lead away, and the slave/prisoner now gets placed in a holding or sorting cell. The individual becomes oriented over the next few days to a regimen of strict rules, inspection, and particular activity windows. 


Adding Solitary

The individual is isolated from everyone else in solitary conditions in many circumstances. Given a restricted and prescribed diet that they have no chance for alternates. This sort of confinement subjects the inmate to harsh conditions and handling, with a total lack of human warmth.  Imagine a cell just big enough for the inmate to move around, and sleep curled up. A bucket for bodily waste, and a steel bowl for the inmate’s food or water, both on the floor. When taken from the cage, individuals are shackled or chained. As such, the inmate has no access to the outside world, except when on a work detail.


Adding Routine Corporal Punishment

Historically, prisoners were routinely subjected to corporal punishments and, in many cases, sexual exploitation. Jailers typically believe that inmates are morally lacking, so it is mandatory to treat subjects in the same manner as witches and sorcerers during the inquisition, subject to the most serious forms of degradation. Removal from the inmate’s cell is merely the beginning of another round of torments. Frequently suspended from the ceiling or chained to a post of punishment rig or simply the wall or floor.


Adding More Torments

As with the inquisition, the intent is to expose the interrogate’s sins and validate them through torment and torture. Adding insult to the torments occurs by taking the inmate to various events to demonstrate the abusive techniques a sadist uses to extract the truth. The object is to make the torments such that the inmate will long for the solitude of their cell. A rare treat will be when chained in the warden's bedroom, or office or guest rooms. The inmate’s use of a comfortable bed will come with a price through their use as a sexual object. My mind degenerates.  But be aware that most tormentors are very intelligent, demanding and sadistic.



With EXTREME many times, individuals forego the After-Care, while others issue it piecemeal to keep the subject in a state of accepting continued abuse. It is typical to ignore the "mental/emotional" well-being, which is totally contrary to the intent.