Fetish Living Considerations

Finding A Good Property

The approach to selecting a proper property or facility for living a BDSM lifestyle.

Rediscovery of Kink

The real history of men viewing women as property . How that view changes with modern times, and particularly the post 50/60's revolutions.  Then how it is slowly reverting back to norms that existed for 1,000s of years..

Managed Orgasm

A refreshing and irreverent look at why have  dominant's control a submissive's orgasms!

HRM in Dark Castle Sin

A tongue in cheek application of HR rules in a BDSM setting.

The 5-Rs of BDMS Relationships

A view of the importance and how to implement the 5 Rs, Rituals, Routines, Randomness, Recording and Reaction within a BDSM relationship.

Concepts to Consider

Very brief comments which may result in answering or asking questions.

Privacy & Dignity

Have no doubt that a Master is the sole custodian of a slave's privacy and dignity; it is theirs give or take away as they see fit.


Establishing the mindset of both the Dominant and Submissive in a genuine lifestyle relationship.


There are numerous things to expect which differ from Dominant to Dominant and slave to slave.