Meditation as Form

By Aramock Nanuck shameless

      January 2010


Life has many stress and anxieties which invade the peace of mind. The fetish lifestyle adds pressures associated with many activities; some are the basis for the headrush people feel, and others quite burdensome. Frequently as an art form, the ability to remain in a single pose is essential in some settings within specific activities. Therefore finding a way to address this is necessary. Meditation is one method of dealing with both stress and quieting the brain in times of inactivity.

Letting Go of Anxiety

This technique is for both Dominant's and Submissives as each gets stressed out at times. Anxiety usually is a  feeling of dread, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.  At the centre of anxiety is the flood of emotions, thoughts and fears which constantly bombard the mind. The overactivity creates a state of "hectic and irrational" thoughts resulting in anxiety. Effectively to release this anxiety, one needs to get rid of the noise. Doing so requires neither a particular place nor setting but merely the ability to focus intensely.


Relaxation Exercise

An exercise which can help is:

  • Ignore all external sources of conflict.

    • Find a place to sit on the floor or cushion

    • Close one's eyes,

    • Take active control of your breathing,

      • Slow, deep and regular breaths

      • Focus on a single scent

    • Ignore the noises surrounding you

      • Pick a single rhythmic  sound (like the blower of an air conditioner)

      • Use it to mask all other sounds

  • Then remove yourself mentally from your surroundings

    • Pick a time in the past where you were at total peace and could let go.

      • Like an almost empty tropical beach

        • Early morning

        • Laying deck chair

        • Watch the dawn break

        • Listening to the waves break on the white sands

      • Having an iced coffee with a shot of Bailey's cream.

  • Place your mind back into that setting

    • Imagine beach.

    • Imagine waves gently rolling onto shore.

    • Imagine the warm breezes wafting over you.

    • Imagine how the thoughts started to drift away.

    • Imagine the peaceful moment.

    • Imagine how easily you could drift into a trancelike state.

    • Thinking nothing.

      • Enjoying the moment.

      • Relaxing.

      • Feeling pleasure.

      • Accepting Enlightenment.


Repeat to Perfect

One requires practice to perfect the exercise, but it should become easier to slip into that warm and comfortable feeling each time. As you perfect it, no matter how stressful or anxious you are, you should be able to allow yourself to slip into that state.



The peace that you feel allows for patience and control. It also prepares you for any problematic trials which you may face in the upcoming sessions or day.  So what does it give you:

  • Relaxes the mind

    • Removes doubts

    • Erases fears

    • Counters uncertainty

  • Prepares the body

    • Alleviates small pains

    • Relaxes tense muscles 

    • Reduces the need for anesthetics

  • Set the mind to acceptance mode

    • Increases sensual awareness

    • Increases tactile sensitivity

    • Increases command receptivity