Ownership Plan

As with all things, plans tend to change quickly once parties interact. But here is a simplified structure that should help with your deciding to acquire and integrate a new submissive into your household. This document is a short version; the full agreement will specify complete details and shared upon meeting.


Preparation and Dissolution

All people have many aspects of their lives which are governed by vanilla events and such:

  • Closing bank accounts,

  • Disposing of assets,

  • Leaving an old or starting a new job,

  • Ending a lease,

  • Signing agreements,

  • Even the need to relax, unwind and visit old friends or say goodbye to family.


Plan for these things long before either party considers the actual transfer and assumption of ownership. Vanilla folks have the luxury to go back and continue or undo things, whereas those in a Dom/sub relationship largely do not. It is critical to resolve the items which bind one or the other to a particular setting before taking on this new adventure.


Clearly identifying and defining those things needed completing by both before commencing is a mandatory step; frequently overlooked by one or both parties. Hiding the fact there is outstanding rent due, or some other item only undoes trust if it comes up at a later stage.


Alignment Meeting

The first and foremost thing is to establish a level of comfort with each other. Gauge if an open and honest dialogue is possible. The whole relationship needs trust as a foundation, the most significant impediment to such is poor communication or dishonesty.


Understanding how people act and react in a vanilla setting will give a strong indication of their personality and attitudes in private. Take the time to re-articulate the scope of the relationship from both perspectives and any limits if overlooked during prior communications.


Essentially both parties need to see how committed each other are to the relationship and accept the terms of the change and steps about to undertake. Be sure there is a sense that the other party is as portrayed but will continue as such throughout the subsequent interactions and exchanges. Expect this to be a drawn-out process and may take hours over many sessions to ensure each party is whom they say they are and understand the roles expected of them.


Submissive’s Assets

There more difficulty if the submissive has property or assets with which to content. Before the date of the initiation the submissive must:

  • Have arranged a blind-trust to manage the assets or property until end-date of the proposed agreement, or

  • Transferred or sold such items to the third party, or

  • Donated to an identified charity, or

  • Arrange the transfer of title to the proposed new owner on the execution of the contract.


The submissive shall raise the topic of its ownership of anything at this point until the termination of the agreed contract.



Assuming a decision is made to proceed; now the true lifestyle events commence. This is where the dominant will engage the submissive in a series of trails, qualifiers and sessions to confirm each others acceptance and acceptance of the terms of reference.

First and foremost, there needs to be ritual punishment. This will establish if both parties are up to the task of providing the discipline needed to solidify the relations. More importantly, it allows the submissive to understand the dominant’s style of punishment, and the dominant to understand the submissives capacity for pain. Follow this act with the cavalier comments and almost insulting remarks to assess humility. Frequently it is at this point that language issues appear which need addressing. Equally, it is a test of both parties in the eyes of the other.


At this point, it is essential to remove any benefit of the doubt previous established. Now assume nothing as the testing continues. Faults should be punishable, and if the individual is unwilling to accept this, then they are not submissive. This will decide whether each party is worthy in the eyes of the other and hence will abide by the contract.


The Contract

Having reached and agreed to the terms of reference theses shall be codified within a structured contract. The contract shall be presented formally in front of witnesses to assure its signing is free from duress or interference.


Making the Offer shall be in a manner where key parts read out loud by the Dominant. Upon completion of the reading, the Shall sign the undertaking. Then using a knife open a cut on their thumb and seal the offer with a bloodstained thumbprint. Then presented to submissive.


The submissive shall verbally state their agreement to the terms and acknowledge their surrender to the Dominant according to the terms listed.  The submissive shall then sign the contract and also use a knife to score their thumb affixing their bloodied thumbprint as a seal.


Surrender of Identity

Upon completion of the signing, as an act of submission, the submissive shall surrender all identity and travel documentation to the new owner. This act denotes that the individual acknowledges no longer in need of an identity other than defined by its owner.  It also acknowledges that its freedom of movement restricts to that its owner establishes. At this point, the submissive will never speak first, but only address owners when spoken to, and then in a clear, distinct and totally honest manner.


Initial Use

The property shall then be used or shared as its owner sees fit within the terms established within the contract. Any challenges to the usage of the submissive that is within the terms of the agreement shall nullify the agreement. Nullification will result in the agreement shredded, and the removal of submissive from the presence of the dominant. After that, any choices other than stipulated by the agreement shall simply vanish from the rights for self-determination by the submissive. Shall satisfy all needs in compliance with the terms of the agreement. The submissive should consider themselves slightly better than pets, more akin to slave and less as social companions.


Once the agreement is signed the movement of the submissive is at the sole discretion of the Dominant.  The submissive shall accompany the owner, or whomever else the owner delegates without question or compromise. The Dominant shall honour any standing request for a couple or family unit to keep together. However, the unit is considered a single entity for purposes of the relationship.

Return to Domicile

The submissive shall assume responsibility for all luggage and serve completely in all manner as domestic, public and private. The submissive shall travel in coach class regardless of the class of travel of their Dominant. The submissive shall travel back to the Dominant's residence with whatever layovers as necessary. During the layover, the submissive shall maintain specified levels of protocol and propriety. If asked explain that the submissive is travelling as domestic servants of the dominant acts accordingly.


Arrival at the Dominant’s Resident Country

The submissive shall immigration and customs with or adjacent to the Dominant depending on the rules of the country entered. The submissive shall explain either:

  •  If holding pre-arranged visas that they are domestic help joining their employer

  •  If only on a tourist visa or having none, they are arriving as “guests” and will be staying within the agreed limit set.


In cases with tourist or no visa, the Dominant shall apply for a long-term visa after the arrival and will have it processed separately. This process requires the submissive shall NOT to seek other employment during this transition period to not affect the visa processing. The actual execution of the visa may require that the submissive leave the country of residence and have the visa fulfilled elsewhere, the Dominant shall oversee such needs as necessary.


As property, the submissive functions in much the same manner as slaves during Roman times. The Dominant operated a dungeon facility for the local S&M community. The primary focus outside of serving the Dominant is smooth operation and maintenance of this facility. The continued expectation of the submissive is as full-service slaves for the household throughout the term of the agreement.


Unless other excluded by the agreement, the submissive shall consider themselves sexual playthings for the pleasure of their owners. At times submissives will serve guests and friends within the household. Again, unless defined specifically by agreement the sexuality of a submissive is pan-sexual, and any refusal to serve anyone we deem worthy will result in public humiliation and punishment with little regard for your emotional well being.


The submissive shall remain primarily nude at home, and the wearing of clothing shall be as given and instructed. A lack of instruction requires nudity.

The assigned tasks and training sessions will occur daily at a set time. A failure to complete them will result in punishment. Understand that the Dominant expects the submissive to fail in some way requiring punishment. As the Dominant is sadistic in demeanour; this is considered a pleasure for them.  

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