by Aramock Nanuck

     January 2001

Many variations and varieties of piercings both in the materials displayed as well as the placement exist. The display of piercings can at times be breathtaking and awe or arouse spectators.




Piercing has been around since time immemorial. Like cutting, it exposes the one doing the piercings of the blood of the one pierced as it escapes from the puncture. Additionally, unsterilized instruments doing the piercings can carry over infectious agents from previous parties pierced, so a strong antiseptic attitude, location and actions are required.


Risks & Sanitary Conditions

Under the wrong conditions having ears, tongues, lips pierced could introduce the risk of infection. The methods used long ago were crude, unsanitary and caused many deaths by uncontrolled infections.  Today, it is better, but with many, sanitation cost sometimes forces them to use unhealthy methods such as the reuse needles that have not been properly sterilized. Again, exposing people today to unnecessary risk of Aids.


Why Piercings?

There exist three main reasons for piercings:



Frequently individuals use piercing as a way to "bling" one's own body. Earrings, nose rings and other such items are considered cosmetic in nature. The difference between a set of big hoops, fine diamonds and a wild feather earring is as much a matter of taste like anything.  the same is true for an exposed midriff with piercings of the belly button. Each adds to the allure of the individual, and some are quite enticing. Frequently, these adornments are coordinated fashion items to augment the clothing and other accessories a person carries on their person. 

Fetish - Functional

Several dom/domes have rings, studs or clasps placed at key points on their submissive's body to allow the attachment of chains, weights, and other devices.


These instruments provide a sensation to intensify particular other touched areas. Having studs in one's nipples, penis or clitoris allows for the application of deeply felt heat, cold, electric shock or the strain of weights.  The application of heat or cold is vastly more intense at the points where piercing occurs than on the surface of the unbroken skin as the natural barrier of the skin is breached, and the nerves are closer to the point of contact.


Tie points on the above, and at the neck, shoulders, back of legs, navel or the loose skin about the midriff allow for even the slightest of chains to have an intense effect on control an individual's movements. These frequently are sufficient for training purposes and can be allowed to grow shut over time once the training is complete.


Fetish - Marking

Some dominants are squeamish about branding or scarification but still wish to mark their slaves. The application of a piercing in noticeable areas with a specific (and usually custom engraved stud) marks the individual wearing it as property. This is somewhat less permanent than the other methods but can easily be removed (unlike the others or tattoos) for situations where such public displays are inappropriate or risky.


Stimulation Enhancement

Humanity is, in general, a sensual beast. The addition of studs at certain points of the body allows for increasing the sensations generated through physical contact.

  • The rubbing of a pierced nipple increases the tactile sensitivity for both parties.

  • A pierced penis head adds the sensation again to both when penetration occurs.

  • A tongue stud increases the sensual nature of oral stimulation.

  • Piercings of the labia and clitoris intensify the sensation of direct stimulation in those areas.


How to do a Piercing

Preparation is important.  A good practice is to clean the targeted area with an antiseptic wash thoroughly. Ensure that the needle or stud to be used to pierce the body has likewise been sterilized. 


One of the complexities of piercing is that the human skin has differing strengths. Some areas are as soft as tissue and others as tough as leather. This makes the act of actually piercing is actually more difficult than cutting or branding. There are special tools required which will pierce the skin, and only use professional tools. Common items such as needles can be used but have issues with the rigidity and strength needed to pierce all skin stiffness.



Another issue is the ability to find areas where either the looseness of the skin or the proper folds exist to allow for proper through and through penetration so the subsequent instrument can be inserted and pass through. Selecting the location is relative a matter of discovery and inspection. The human body has particular areas where may cause a massive amount of bleeding.  There are parts of the body to avoid until acquiring expert-level skills. These are the neck, top of the head, and genitalia.


One main difference in the approach is if using a needle is if the needle is to be left in or taken out. Bleeding is somewhat lighter in nature when leaving it in but can still be problematic. Ensure you have a septic ointment to stem the flow of blood if excessive. A piercing stud gun allows for the application of both training studs or suitable premade Body Jewelry.


The actual act of piercing the body can have varying levels of pain associated with it. This can make the act very sensual, erotic, and painful for the subject and very fulfilling for a dominant, particularly if they have sadistic inclinations.


After Care

Chose and have readily available the disinfectant, gauze pads, and light bandages to treat the affected area after the session is complete. Apply an antiseptic salve or cream to the area. Note: Some anti-bacterial actually create scaring, so ask the pharmacist before purchasing the ointment of salve. After this, apply sterile bandages. The bandages need changing at least once a day to prevent infection. 


If there is a pussy build-up, we recommend the use of topical antibiotic cream. If these guidelines are followed, you can engage in this activity safely.