Post Possession Expectations

There are numerous things to expect. It will differ from Dominant to Dominant. Some of the features will remain the same some vary vastly.  Your expectations should align with the contract of service. The following are the considerations when serving Mistress Janelle Bishop.


Mistress' Needs

Understand your mistress is almost perpetually horny and any of her needs will be satisfied. You need to be aware of her moods and proactively serve her without the need for the request.

  • Orgasm should be considered a gift from your owners.

  • Slaves may suffer orgasm denial as your needs are unimportant.

  • The female will be prescribed birth control until your owners decide to breed her.

  • The male is as much a whore as the female and usable by the Mistress and anyone (or gender) she chooses. 

  • Refusal of any kind is punishable.


Your master is orally inclined and relishes good oral sex.

  • All slaves are expected to perfect their skills in this aspect.

  • Failure to promptly demonstrate their skills is punishable.


None of the items used by you are to be considered yours but merely on loan for the period you are to wear them. Your appearance is the sole discretion of your owners including:

  • Wardrobe,

  • Body markings,

  • Hair,

  • Makeup,

  • Jewelry and the like.


Your dignity ceases, and at no point will you be allowed to lock doors this includes when using the toilet. If required you will use the toilet in plain view of your owners.

While pain is largely a tool of punishment, implementing other forms of punishment at the desire of your owners. However, be aware you Mistress is also a sadist and finds the administering of pain a form of pleasure for her. Your humanity remaining will be ripped from you. Physical punishments may include:

  • Sensory deprivation,

  • Long-term tight bondage,

  • Encasement in latex or rubber,

  • Impact Pains,

  • Other forms of torment and torture,

  • Humiliation, or

  • Caging.


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