Privacy and Dignity

by Aramock Nanuck

     September 1993

It is perfectly fine if you close a door when on the toilet, naked or only wearing underwear or writing into a diary in private. But beware that your dignity, self-respect, and pride are mine to control.


You need to be aware I will establishing boundaries for you which ultimately means I will interrupt any activity, walk in on you at any place or insist on unannounced and irregular inspections. You can expect to be humiliated, and at times when other people in the lifestyle around displayed to them. Nothing is off-limits regarding you as far as I am concerned. Every shred of privacy you get is a gift and privilege that I provide and can be taken away any second. That even the most intimate parts of your body and living situation are there for my pleasure to view, use or access as and when I wish. Only I decide I decide what is right and proper.


Keep no doubt in your mind that I alone am the custodian of your privacy and dignity; it is mine to take away as I see fit.