Protocol, etiquette  and Structure

BDSM versus Abuse
Initiating a New Slave

BDSM is not abuse but a form of extreme concesnual activities where by mutual agreement acts deemed violent can be engaged in as a form of pleasure.

In BDSM the act of claiming someone as property is synomous with a "man taking a wife" in days of old. It is the act of possessing.

The harsh realities of initiations within the lifestyle as they effectively become hazing rituals for the entrants 

S.M.A.R.T. Rules
Rules and Ettiquette

An intelligent approach behind creating rules that are workable and meaningful.

Rules must be consistent and published to be fairly applicable. The rules of the house here in Dark Castle are thus...

Creating Your Own Rules

The rules you define say as much about you and your mind as they tell the other how to react. How you define them is as important as what they are.

Rules to Serve
Slave Rules
Rules when Serving Functions

These rules were developed and proposed by slaves themselves and presented as an alternative to ones a master may develop.

The basic set of rules developed within Dark Castle over the years which guide the activities of the lifestyle.

There are special conditions, rules, and protocols when in a public or event setting. These rules are simple and ensure the most pleasant of functions.

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