Fetish Punishment and Activities

Disicpline and Control

The guide to preparation before, and treatment of a submissive, slave or masochist after receiving punishment.

Maintaining control is most important when in a discipline or S&M situation. 

Not So Traditional Spankings

what can be more intimate and meaningful than the feel of a bare hand striking bare skin, it is almost electric.

Discipline and the Cane

Canes have always been used as a basic form or corporal punishment, here is their fetish inclusion

Using a Whip

Sadist who wish to truly inflict pain and maspchist who enjoy the sensation almost always fall back on to an age old standby... the whip. The first punishment media.

The Riding Crop,
Not just for Discipline

There is something quite delicious for a real sadist in the administering of the crop; more over in having their subject present it to them for use.

Building Tolerance to Pain
Living with Pain as a Companion

Thoughts about pain and how it is experienced and tolerance expanded.


These are points surrounding that Sadist and Masochist make pain the central apex of their relationships.


Protracted Rope Bondage Impacts

The intelligent approach and concerns with engaging in rope based bondage.

Using a Belt

The snap of belt tells everyone within earshot that the Dominat is pissed. Pets cringe and hide, children run to a safe zone... and submissives say "Oh f&*%..."

Ice Integrated in Scenes

The object of adding Ice to a scene is as powerful sensual experience.

Hot Was

Hot wax evolved as a form of terror with low impact by sadists and masochists to provide intense physical stimulation.