Ranks, Titles and Heirarchies

There are numerous strata for both supplicants and Dominants.  Every organization of larger groups has always needed this sort of hierarchy. The structure is a necessity for poly households, at events or munches. The longer term or events which span days it becomes additionally necessary to identify some form of command and control.  Usually, each top-dog will find a term or organization which suits them. Here are the most common ones;


Slave Ranks.
 Propertrix, Overseer

A female slave who acts as a supervisor of and foreman of other slaves. Male slaves typically never are permitted to supervise female slaves as this gives rise to their tending to become a challenge to their dominance over time.



Any individual bound by an agreement and subject to a contract and has protection over its life and wellbeing. It is essential to treat with respect and decency in public these individuals unless there is a need or desire for publc humiliation.



A subhuman loses the right to any human dignity; including the right to clothes in any private setting.  They will be chained when not of service and fed on the floor. Typically not used for sexual purposes.



A Newt is a genderless description which removes the sexual connotations form the individual.


Excrement, Shitze, Basur

Something of no value and needs only to be removed, expunged, disposed of or sold.



An individual who is into casual acts and do not submit on a regular or long-term basis to one dominant or pair.  Most lifestylers consider these individuals on par with Free-person except in the context of the scene or activity they are participating.



The best explanation of Goreans codes is on http://goreanknowledge.tripod.com/Slave_Types.html


Dominant Ranks

These are a little more difficult because each dominant likes to think they are at the top of the food chain.


Pharaoh, Overlord, Monarch, (Lord, King, etc.)

These people have and maintain multiple slaves, and usually has over ten years’ experience. These people tend to be extremely hedonistic and narcissistic. At large events one Dominant will preside over it and given the title of {Event} God/Demon/King/Pharaoh/Cesar/Czar.



A person who has led a household, and hold the position because they earned it through the right of selection or recognition of others.  Reserving these titles is common for those individuals at the level of club presidents and forum leaders who are very active within the BDSM community.


Artibus, Mentor, Mentat, Sage

A person with many years of experience who has:

  • owned one or more slaves in the past

  • extensive knowledge in specialty areas 

  • shared knowledge with others in a very professional or clinical manner.

  • And is widely acknowledged as a knowledge holder within the BDSM community. 


Master, Leader, Principal

A person who currently has a slave and is engaged in the lifestyle while in private or events.


Top, Dom, or Domme

A person who acts dominant has dominant leanings but usually does not own a slave and solely focused on the sexual dominance side of the lifestyle.



A person who only engages with people at events or on casual play.  They do not own slaves and again are mostly focused on one aspect of the lifestyle.

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