BDSM - "Relationships"

by Aramock Nanuck

     March 1977

We found in all (and we mean ALL) of our real lifestyle relationships that slave becomes most at peace when they do not have to make decisions. Many times they even lose the ability to make decisions on even the simplest things... Many dominants recount having slaves who, when put into a position to make a decision. When recalling the experience, the submissive always described the decision process as pure mental torture. They would continuously question themselves and the choice made; frequently wonder what choice the dominant would make instead. This demonstrates how much that submission becomes largely a mental as opposed to a physical process. What occurs is the removal of choice, more so removing the desire to choose for oneself. The mental torment becomes abuse that from painful than anything physical as it causes the subject to question their ability to reason. 

The struggle to free yourself from the very nature of deciding so that, in effect, your submission becomes an act of kindness you receive from your Master. The use of punishment and pain is as much a sexual precursor as an event unto itself. It is necessary to instil total submission and control and measure the limits a thrall will surrender to their master. This begins the process of weaning you off the need to think, reason or even make intelligent choices. I exclude marks of ownership (such as brands) or beautification (tattoos), which are essential adornments for the true slave. However, the permanent damage to or marking of a body is for amateurs and not proud owners. This damage causes others to perceive the image of damaged goods and not a treasured object or desirable thrall. 


The supplanting of a submissive's desires and will is a necessary act. The effort in doing so is exhausting in a mental, emotional and spiritual sense as it drains the dominant's chi (for lack of a better word). The submission finally a release, and the subject is relieved of the necessity of thinking or deciding. This is a pleasure for the slave, but a burden for the dominant as the RESPONSIBILITY now shifts entirely to them. This change does not happen overnight but takes weeks of conditioning, constant training, emotional torment, and the submissive mind yields its will. As the will falls away, it leaves a blank slate to be written upon by the dominant. However, the resilience of will is not to be underestimated, and should the dominant fail in replacing the will completely, it will resurge and challenge again.


Bonds of iron and leather can only restrain, never truly capture. Yet, the use of these instruments is essential in maintaining the illusion of a total loss of control in many cases. Take the training of an elephant as an example. At an early age, baby elephants are restrained by heavy irons. The weight and strength far above the need.  The young elephant will constantly lose and become conditions to the chains being in place.  Over time, the chains are lightened even though the strength of the elephant vastly outpaces the restraint. But the embedded memory reminds the elephant with the slightest resistance of the futility of the struggle, and they stop.  Eventually, a light string is used to reinforce the sense of its presence, yet the elephant never even checks the resistance. In their mind, they have surrendered to the defeat from so doing. This is the same with humans, although the mental ability or reason must also be metered. Even if intellectually they perceive freedom as a tug away, other factors halt the attempt.

Pain becomes an instrument of oppression and conversion and activities to enhance experiences. Many people struggle and find freedom in the simplest of prisons, but true dominance comes when the prison has no bars but those your mind imposes upon you through the will of your master. And yet, in physical bondage comes the freedom of know resistance is futile and slowly, the willingness to become what the dominant wishes take hold... 


This is the major threshold to becoming a truly devoted thrall. Only when the image of self and purpose has waned can a submissive person begin supplanting the intellect needed to become a true thrall. Pain is a stimulus to correct, a reward to please and a tool to make the thrall eager for sexual use. This stimulation opens vistas of o[pportunities and experiences for the submissive and begins the real venture towards the kinky activities sought.

The physical transformation becomes a manifestation of the image the dominant wishes portrayed to the world. The submissive becomes a slave who thereafter is an object of pleasure, an image of desire, and a source for the release of pent-up frustration. The slave exists as a tool to exercise the demons which plague the dominant. At this point, the decision of dress, appearance, and even makeup becomes those of dominant, and the desire for a slave to choose disappears. Speech lessons, poise, and carriage are taught, transforming the individual into the THRALL / SLUT  "your MASTER" can be PROUD to OWN.

The people who live this lifestyle on a full-time basis are tired of children and game players. Individuals should not expect experience from people still in their 20's, and dominance in a teenager is rarer yet. The young usually lack the self-discipline and self-control to manage themselves, let alone anyone else.  Youth can have the advantage of stamina but often lack style, commitment or substance.