by Aramock Nanuck

     August 1978

Yes, the first section on punishment is about caring for someone after being punished.  Essential know what you have to do to compensate for what you did before your start. A dominant may need a prescription for spray Novacaine. It is the most effective topical anesthetic as it relieves overt sensitivity and is used to numb genitals, so people do not cum. Many doctors will prescribe this for that purpose.


Being Prepared

Sort of like a BOYSCOUT, you need to be prepared to treat injuries and your submissive, slave or masochist emotional well-being to support the continuation of said experiences. The Dominant needs to go to the pharmacy and get a bottle of baby rash ointment or heat chaffing crème, the medicated type preferably with a mild aesthetic in it.  Tell the pharmacist the Dominant has a child with a severe diaper/heat rash, and they are in quite a bit of suffering.  The Dominant also should buy some latex gloves in sterile packs and light gauze. 


To avoid infection, put on the gloves, apply the ointment to the gauze, and gently lay them over the striations. If the skin is cut, do not use the gauze but rub the ointment over the striations.  If possible, have a bottle of spray novocaine which is excellent to take the sting out of the harshest of marks. 


Never use equipment that requires repair.  Keeping items serviceable keeps them safe to use, and more importantly, keeps the acts sane and sensible.


Avoid Feeling Inexperienced

Avoid feeling like an inexperienced Dom/Domme. Do not disregard this phase, but if the Dominant is going to play with a recipient, this is critical. The Dominant needs to make sure the recipient has found total satisfaction in what the Dominant delivers. Secondly, the punishment the Dominant issues to the recipient is very much an act of dominance, control, and fulfillment of the recipient’s needs. Even though having severe sexual overtones is not missed, the conclusion of the punishment is only half of the process.  The rest of the process is very much about the bonding that comes from this and the structure of after-care, which highlights those bonds.


Meat or Matters

Sometimes, the Dominants, when a punished submissive is suffering and in pain, can visualize themselves as worthless and mere meat.  If the Dominant ignore this, then the feelings will persist, deepen and eventually turn quite negative inside the individual.  The Dominant has an opportunity to relieve this and, in the process, take away their pain as easily as the Dominant gave. This is where the real gift rests and the point at which it may manifest in sexual desire.


Many slaves actually get turned on by the punishment, bet lose all resistance or inhibitions when aftercare commences. They say that punishment heightens their need to serve and must be mirrored by the joy the Dominant receives. So the Dominant should always cuddle, kiss and cosset in the final stage of aftercare with the recipient. This recognizes that discipline does not end when the last spank has been delivered.


Emotional Attachment through Care

Hence the recipient’s aftercare is crucial in the case trying to build an emotional attachment. The Dominant should always use encouraging and meaningful words through discipline; this starts the aftercare before the punishment ends. Remind the recipient that it was a sexual experience for the Dominant. Her submission and receiving of her punishment where she did no wrong to deserve it was a gift of the highest order and aroused the Dominant.  Let the recipient know as of this offer now that the Dominant wishes to care for the recipient, and let the Dominant soothing efforts show the recipient is loved. Many recipients go into subspace during a session and therefore need gently bringing down after a session. The red mist clear's slowly from the recipient's mind, and the Dominant should provide a comforting arm to support the recipient on the return from this state.


Making it Effective

Addressing this from the recipient’s perspective. Recently, I trained a new Dominant and slave in the art of sexual punishment over the weekend.  The slave was a true pain slut and took to it with relish. The Dominant was extremely reluctant to punish a slave without cause. So many barriers had to be overcome. I actually provided the first three punishments before the Dominant realized that after each session during the aftercare, the recipient always desires to have anal sex as a reward. They both the value/ joy of ass to mouth during those sessions. The Dominant realizes it was the totality of the act that so overwhelmed the recipient, and the responses were almost automatic in nature. The recipient humiliation came afterwards when realizing they actually desired the punisher more than their Dominant and was discussed at length. The Dominant became aware of how proud the recipient was of taking the punishment and how fulfilling the result was; this broke down the last qualms about sexual punishment more than anything. The rest of the weekend, I introduced them to various forms and each with the Dominant performing all of the efforts and aftercare. 


The funny the hanging punishment is actually the most effective in ensuring the best orgasms with that.  However, DO NOT try that unsupervised. Whenever a recipient is punished, they should receive aftercare for at least as long as the duration of the punishment, and it should have always ended up with intercourse. Observer to the act should also acknowledge the recipient’s ability to receive the punishment. Still, it is advisable to leave during any sexual acts unless invited otherwise as these are very intense moments for both Dominant and recipient. The Dominant should clearly let the recipient know they are loved and were never left to think about punishment or to their own devices after the punishment.



So taking this in stride… please use the aftercare to the level the Dominant wishes, but do NOT forget it.