Dominus - Aramock Nanuck


Life is very busy and involved, the more demanding it becomes the more the need for this lifestyle and its activities are required as an outlet. The lifestyle has become the foundation upon which I live and operate daily. My day to day activities even in the "vanilla" world have become interspersed with lifestyle perceptions and response. It has become as common as breathing. 


Living this a[pproach for now over forty years means a lot has been done, more seen and there are few fantasies or deviations which not at least been experimented upon. Day to day the specifics change, the peopel ahve come and gone and will continue and I have discovered there is only constant (as the sages have said) "change".


A few people have been exactly what they have claimed regardling this lifestyle. Other have been in transition and evolving or simply explorers through their own journey in life.  The biggest shame is a vast major have been anything but what they claim. The curious, the dis-honorable, the criminal and teh insane have all crossed paths and made their presence felt in the lifestyle. It is a sad statement that corruption breads corruption and that the baser instinct of many cultures is not to improve but to selfishly steal, cheat and lie their way into the lives of others. Even when challenges with being caught out they lack the personal dignity or sense of remorse to atone or admit their deceptions. The intensity of recent years is a shame but to be expected as people loose their sense of purpose. So caution is the catch word, but also in a large part requires that we still believe that not all the apples are rotten.


Always in search of new experiences, new subjects to train and sharing this journey through this life (style). I am a dominant and simply do not know any other way to live any more. I would not classify my self as any particular type as I have exhibited the tendecies of many styles. I do operate within a poly setting as sharing is an essential component of the life a core to my being. Essentially I may look WHITE, CAUCASIAN, ANG MO but I am in fact native of North America and so community is almost part of my DNA, and I am certainly not a solitary wolf.  I think this is the main reason I am not interested in CYBER and only after years agreed to put up this site. My preference is real life experiences and where possible 24x7 TPE.


There is dark, then there are those without soul and remorse; and then there is Aramock Nanuck, Master, Mentor and all round SoB (sadistic old bastard). You can read more of my views on  I will not question those that call me sane but I have looked at one making this claim and I want to be nothing like them. For the most part they are sneaky, lying and soul-less creatures how hide in a life of duplicity and half truths, in private enjoying the fruits of their decptions but in public the image of propriety.


I also share profiles with a Domtrix on CollarSpace (DarkCastleSING), ALT (DarkCastleSin) and Tumblr (  Jointly we currently have 1 sub (part time)., individually she had 3 boy-toys, and I have 2 casual subs. We alos interact with about 15 others in the BDSM community here.  The Domtrix is a Pro-Domme and provides services for compensation, while I am less commercial oriented.   We  give access to our assets with other doms in the area. 


Most of my writings over time will move here to