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These links are of references which I have found useful in the past. I can not guarantee they always function. Also to avoid phishing we list website names as text, cut and pass them to your browser to access. We bare no accountability for their working or such but if you find them not message us and we will remove them. If you have others of use, let us know and we will review and add them if we feel they are of value. Note we do not add trolling or porn sites.

Training & Information Resources


1001 Spanking fantasies

27 Must Have Queer Summer Reads

60 minute stamina


A Tour of Castle Realm 

Albany Power eXchange  

BDSM Backroom

BDSM Rights, BDSM Symbol, BDSM Rights Flag


BDSM Wikipedia


Dark Desires - Caryl's Page


Empathy Quotient


Gorean Cave

Island of Pain - BDSM is All About Mental Orgasms


Juxtapoz Magazine - Erotica


Masters And slaves Together


Pet Training - A Submissive's Guide


Popular S M Books


Protocol - or - The Lack Thereof


Sexis Magazine by the EdenFantasys


Slaver's Kiss


Spanking Writers


Events & Munches


Dark Desire - Events (Germany)


Fet-Life - Events


Global Fetish Evenvts Calendar


Leatherati Leather People, Events and News


London Fetish Scene - Events


Skin Tow - Festish Events Calendar


Torture Garden - Global S&M Events


Exotic Fetish Shopping 

Dreams in Stainless Steel


Etsy - BDSM on-line Shopping


New Moon Fetish Jewelry


Toybox » Hey Epiphora




Slave Zentral Registry


TSR Welcome to The Slave Register




BDSM Radio