Using a Belt

by Aramock Nanuck

     February 1993

Choosing the Belt

Belts vary incredibly, so picking the correct one is very important. The typical, single-layer, dry leather dress belt is an inferior choice; it is too light and bounces on impact. The resulting strikes tend to land unwanted edge hits, which can have a cutting effect on the skin. A wide belt will tend not to twist to the sides and land flatly, thereby evenly distributing the force across the length of the impact. The most important factor in any belt is that it doesn't tend to twist; otherwise, it will produce those undesirable edge hits. 


Things to consider:

  • The best belts are not too heavy but very flexible, supple and controllable.

  • Never choose a belt adorned with studs or frills, as these also tend to cut the skin. 

  • Choose a belt twice the length of my arm.

  • Realize that the force of the belt impact is the speed times the length from the shoulder to the endpoint of the impact.


Personal Favorite

My favourite is an old worn belt that has absorbed some moisture but has stretched over time, making it thinner and more supple and flexible rather than heavy and clubby. If the eye holes have puckered from use, trim them back a little, so they are smooth. A nice supple leather belt used appropriately does a beautifully thorough job of spanking a bottom. On the other hand, some belts are much too heavy or thick and do not curl well.


Maintaining the Belt

Any belt that is "clubby," especially after gaining weight from sweat, dirt, oils, etc., should be rejected. Regardless of one of the secrets, keep it very clean and use alcohol to wipe it down, killing any bacteria or foreign organisms. Then a light coating of Vaseline on the side being used to impact. Then wipe this clean with a plain rag.


Getting Experience

Before you try to use a belt on anyone, practice, practice, practice... use a big pillow as a target and try it at home (better than practicing is, say, the public library). Perhaps finding the right belt at a thrift or resale shop so you have one that you know you can use. You must understand and control the "snap the whip" effect of any flexible implement. Whether used as a single-layer strap or doubled up like the archetypical spanking belt, the end of the belt can be very abusive. This will take time, particularly with a long belt. You may want to fold it in half for the first few times and use it up close like a principal's strap.


Once you can strike consistently with a flat impact on the pillow, it is time to practice where to hit. Make sure you can strike different parts of the target deliberately. Now you need to find a post somewhere which you can use as a standing subject. We are no taking the belt to a whipping style which is far more demanding. Only do this with long belts.



  • Never use the buckle end !!!

  • Unlike with a paddle or short whip, do not use the belt on the genitals.

  • Belts are ideal only for the fleshy parts of the body.


Pillow Training

Again tie a long pillow to a beam at the very top and bottom. The object is to learn to strike roughly the midline of the pillow and learn to wrap the belt around the target. Start at the farthest end of the reach of the belt and slowly move in until you reach a comfortable position and can consistently get the belt to wrap around the pillow and one side of the post. This will allow for side impacts with the blunting action of the back to take most of the effect while the sting will be on the sides. Wrapping around accelerates the time and increases the intensity of the tip and impact. If your subject cannot take this, then revert to the folded belt and close smacks. Only real pain sluts can take this intensity.


Purposeful Blows

Now the administration of the strike is the purpose. There is a significant difference between punishment and sexual stimulation. When starting a session, it is good to have the recipient have a bite guard to prevent them from biting the tongue during the session. I have a separate article on how to build ones. Regardless, all strikes have to be smooth and slow-building on a comfortable rhythm for the deliverer and set a pace for the recipient. They begin to build an expectation, and actually, with pain sluts enjoy a rhythm that can help them gain a high.


When delivering a strike, start with your arm fully extended straight from the shoulder, swing wide and slowly out a full swing, which ends with the arms perpendicular to the body. This will give you a comfortable swing but not excessive.



  • Unlike with a whip, do not lean into the swing; this will cause an uncontrolled twist as the body changes relative to the ground.


Applying to a Body

Decide on your target in advance. The buttocks, back or a half wrap around. If aiming at the buttock, do not include the wrapping effect; on;y do this on the torso. Always carry through the swing. If you stop short, the tip will twist, causing pinpoint pain and may actually cut again. Make sure each swing hits the area you are aiming. The force of the swing will be set by the tempo and force you put behind the swing, a less intense force is much more focused on sexual stimulation, while a more forceful swing maximizes the pain effect.


Layering and Marking

Lay each impact carefully - avoiding letting the end make deep bruises. Apply the first couple strikes with control and precision to create an impact site that is faintly pink/purple (black skin) and hot. You can increase this intensity until the deep red colour appears slightly translucent. If you are careful, this will only leave slight bruising, pale black and blue cast the next day.


Applying a fast-paced spanking that won't overwhelm too much may work to start, but this is never really used for sexual stimulation, only for pain and punishment. The intensity is too high for any real conversion of the experience within the mind of the recipient.


Pain, Pain, Pain

If you are actually punishing, then develop more of that "snap the whip" action, but in these cases, make sure the target is the fleshy part of the buttocks, not the back, side or hips. Held short and used in this manner to focus on a specific narrow target. The effect is immediate because the repeated targeting and intensity increase with each strike, even though no additional force is used. However, this is problematic for many, and if your conscience were bothered by this, I would not administer such. I have found that only true sadists have it in them to take punishment to this level.



Do Not forget the After-Care