Not So Traditional Spankings

by Aramock Nanuck

     May 1986

The first and most basic of physical punishments is the slap. Be it across the back of the hand,  buttocks, elsewhere on the body or even face. The slap signals the disciplinarian's displeasure and is punishing the offender. The open hand imparts more than pain, and it is the humiliation associated with the dissatisfaction that standards are not met, and actions are unacceptable.


General Principles

A Sadist’s Inner Masochist

It is a lesser-known fact that all Sadists harbour an inner masochist within them. The act of the slap with an open hand allows the disciplinarian also to share the pain. The natural feedback of pain in the palm of the sadist allows their inner masochist some exposure.



As a part of fetish activities, rules must be in place, which governs any implementation in punishment, even the open hand. And in no case for punishment, fetish activity, or frustration release should we permit the use of a closed fist; unless specifically mentioned and agreed beforehand by all parties. The severe damage can occur if the disciplinarian is wearing a ring; we recommend removing all rings, watches and other ornamentation for slap/spank sessions. Keep clipped and filed nails to avoid accidental cuts. Never slap in anger.



Tolerance and Limits

As with all fetish activities involving the application of pain, it is critical to assess and manage the subject’s tolerance levels. Slapping a subject with an open-handed softly and gently at first to establish a baseline is essential. Working up from that point by gradually increasing the force of each slap to determine where the pain threshold is and the subject’s limits. Accomplish this by effectively allowing the subject to indicate when the pain is either:

  • No longer enjoyable and

  • Too numbing or

  • Too intense.


Note:  The level and intensity tolerated will change by location struck. Hence, the natural feedback in the hand of the sadist makes for a poor alternative to observing and asking the masochist.



Hand Across: Using the hand to span the impact area effectively distributes the force relatively evenly. The best is to hold the hand firmly together with fingers stiff and tightly aligned. Hand-Across maximizes reach and coverage area. The cross but positioning is ideal for real punishment but less so for sexual spankings.  But the hand is usually NOT long enough to effectively cover more than a limited impact area, requiring significant control and repetition to be effective.


Hand Down: Allowing the hand to turn and instead of striking across cheeks but up and down cheeks is essential in the ability to engage in sensual spanking fully. The fingers in the mode should be slightly apart and loose to maximize the vibrating effect of the hand. It is the vibrating effect that stimulates the body and excites while lessening the actual pain delivery. This approach is NOT ideal for punishment.


Maintenance Spankings

An awesome way to aid masochists in unwinding is to apply regular “maintenance spankings. A spanking is the mildest form of punishment but still satisfies a basic need for some pain and is almost cathartic. The spanking allows the masochist to release the pressures, stresses, and anxiety that builds up inside them. It becomes a straightforward way just to let go of tough things in life. The remedial effect helps real masochists focus and process the most important factors in their lives by giving them the pain to use as that focal point. Invariably even the harsh spankings provide an outlet and excuse to shed a tear or cry openly. Frequently people underestimate the importance of crying is important to the expelling of feelings. People who constantly hold in their emotions will eventually explode. The pain of a spanking gives them the reason for the release. Many times, the tears have nothing to do with the pain but all about the emotions locked deep inside finally escaping. Maintenance spanking provides a simple relief valve for a masochist to let the pressure of their feelings, of life, of the world, pour out.


Slap Targets

There are many parts of the body ideal for slapping. But in general terms, the fleshiest parts are the best. The reason the buttocks have been a target of choice is their abundance of flesh. But even here, there are different areas and effects. We shall discuss each area and the effects. 


Note: Slapping thin skin across tightly stretch skin is inadvisable as it is highly susceptible to extreme pain, and more importantly, the feedback will be virtually 1-1.



The rump of a subject divides into three distinct areas. The upper ass over the tailbone, the lower ass at the apex where it meets the thighs, and the meaty section across the middle of the ass.  The most effective area whit the highest resilience is the meaty part. The lower ass is where extreme pain can occur, not so much from the spanking but the sitting afterward, and the place is perfectly located for when sitting a chair. The pain will continue for hours.  The upper ass over the tailbone is fragile skin.  The skin here easily breaks, and more importantly, harsh slaps will reverberate up the spine and cause numbness in the nerves.


Cheek-to-Check: The full slap alternating on each cheek maximizes the intensity while minimizing the wasted action. Check to check also causes a rhythmic feedback loop which aids the masochist in attaining a state of “sub-space” easier and quicker.


Making it Sexual: Start slow only once every four to five impacts land the blow between the cheeks and slight wrapping. It also positions the hand so the fingers, if held loose,  can vibrate against the vulva or scrotum of the masochist, causing a tingling sensation and erotic excitement. Effectively this turns a spanking into a form of foreplay. As the spanking continues, increase the central impacts slowly to every alternate set and then one cheek, the central regions, then the other cheek. Finally, a few extra stricks in the central area when the female now wet or the male is semi-rigid from sexual excitement.



The thighs are very pain-resistant while being punished. However, become very sensitive afterward. This area of the body, because of distance, requires a thigh-to-thigh impact process. Note: That the hand positioning here should be across the thigh and slightly wrapped.  There is a low likelihood of any sexual stimulation in this area.



In both females and males, the breast or pectorals can be sensitive, and as the genital areas, the nipples are extremely conducive to stimulation.  The fleshy part, particularly on more full-figured subjects, is less sensitive. Again because of separation, the breast-to-breast impact approach is the best, except on A-cup of flat-chested individuals.  Here up and down or cross the have differing effects.


Making it Sexual: The up and down strikes will move the mass of the breast while having minimal effect elsewise. There is more of a tendency with this as it usually is done over the top rather than beside the subject to cause the impacts to land flat. Whereas the side-to-side impact invariably drags the fingers across the nipples and areoles, causing stimulation.


Again loose fingers, preferably landing with one finger on either side of the nipple, maximizes the sexual stimulation.  A good mix is to randomly with slaps mix in a few nipple pinches and twists to stimulate them further.



Many people shy from face slapping for fear of leaving marks, thereby being judged publicly as abusive. Submissives are reluctant to receive face slaps because they also do not want to appear in public as weak and battered. A low threshold face slapping will have marks fade with an hour or two, and if the subject avoids public exposure, then the redness should be gone, although some puffiness may remain.


Areas to Avoid

  • The ear. A harsh slap can compress air during the blow and could damage the eardrum, particularly if using overly intense and fast strikes.

  • The nose. A harsh slap here sideways may cause the cartridge to break, causing severe and extreme pain unnecessarily. A harsh upwards thrust may also cause the cartridge to separate and push part of the frontal cortex. (Not an easy thing to explain.)

  • Note: A good practice with face slapping is to have the masochist close their mouth before each slap to avoid having their teeth cut the inside of the cheek or impale the gums during the slap. 

  • The Throat.  Striking on top of the carotid artery or jugular impedes blood flow, results in bruising or weakness in the blood vessels or, worse, causes clots to form a trauma event.

  • Above the Cheekbone. Any hit above the cheekbone (around the eye) may result in a black eye, particularly on thin or fair-skinned individuals. 

  • Striking the jaw and cheek are the least prone to causing any serious injury when face slapping.  Striking the palm is equally less likely to scar or break the skin than the obverse side.

  • Harsh impact by the back of the hand where the knuckles impact first will break the skin.


When slapping the face, it is prudent to either support the opposite cheek or hold the head by a handful of hair tightly to avoid a “whiplash effect.” The slap in the face should be a single slow stroke followed through little or no backswing. The face is sensitive, and any impact here will usually result in tears.  A slap in the face should never be a discipline. The intent when punishing may overcome the reason needed when dealing with the face. Submissives have a fatty butt and some sensitive thighs that are better for that purpose. Those are much safer to hit than her face.


Don’t forget aftercare.

BDSM aficionados all focus a lot on “aftercare” after an activity. After any BDSM experience where the pain is involved, there is a natural coming down from the rush of the experience. The more intense the high, the higher and quicker the crash. Impact play can be both emotionally and physically intense due to the spikes of adrenaline and endorphins released. A standard trick used by many hosting BDSM events or sex parties is setting out chocolates. Chocolates are not for some sweet fetish but are used to help replenish guests’ oxytocin. The treatment of affected areas, particularly when the more intense play is involved, is essential. Cleaning the area, apply suaves and possible cream coverups demonstrate a level of concern of the subject. It adds an expressive factor to the activity reinforcing the bonds between Disciplinarian/Dominant and masochist/submissive. At a minimum, talking afterward to ascertain the recipient’s feelings and experience demonstrates an interest in the individual not just as an object of abuse but also as a person. You can give your partner a nice massage, and make sure to ask how they’re feeling and if they enjoyed themselves.


Do Not forget the After-Care