Concepts to Consider

by Anonymous


Difference between a young and an old bull


  • The young bull charges into a pasture so he can take a cow, and strolls away satisfied aiming for the next pasture with more choices.


  • The old bull strolls into the pasture, takes his time, has all of the cows while making sure in turn each of the cows is satisfied. Old bulls tend to be satisfied with the pasture they are occupying.

Fear, trepidation and exposure


  • There will be times when those you were involved with will NOT want others to know that they were associated with you or the lifestyle. This is as much because they fear their own urges and being exposed to a world generally as deviates from any sense of privacy or normalcy.


  • Working with other people, however, will, on occasion, cause a privacy lapse to occur. A web administrator or jealous partner may update a profile, publish things previously hidden to spite you or drive a wedge.  This is problematic, but as a dominant, do not apologize or make excuses.

  • Regardless of the why or how long it has been, eventually, they will ask to take the facts and make any evidence of them disappear. I recommend compliance, and it is always easier to let them fool themselves into thinking it is a hidden part of themselves than to have it constantly taunting them. It also is a sign of respect.

Frauds, Fakes and Scammers

It seems every year, and the above category increases here and elsewhere. But they do not get any brighter if anything more stupid.  They use the same pictures over and over again or slightly different pictures of the same person.  


Their profiles tend to be repetitive in styles and seem to prey on the uninformed. Though many an experience person fails prey by the thought ", maybe this one is different."


Worse, many of us report them, point them out, but the profiles continue to exist and perpetuate.  Over time I collected hundreds of names of the fakes, frauds and scammers. I willing to give these to anyone who asks and add any someone sends me.


My approach to deal with this is to assume cruising sites are a part of the problem and stop bothering to raise complaints. It is actually NOT in their best interests to curb this because it keeps their membership numbers high. There you should merely block and hide their profiles if using these. If I see photos reused, I block the profile automatically.


Occasionally like many of you, I get pissed and copy the profile and post it new with an additional letter or number and call them out, but this is usually for the most pernicious of the scammers.  I suggest we all do the same.  


If a profile appears too good to be true... then it is...  most of these are run by organized crime and sycophants with absolutely no personal dignity.  


Those of us whom lifestyle show it with pride and accept the roles we and others play.  When people misrepresent themselves for commercial gain, they are repugnant at all levels.  If individuals are stupid and make consistent mistakes, they are inevitably frauds.  No country is free from this, but the worse are those from the UK, West Africa and the Philippines; there is almost a rule that instead of 1 in a 100 being real, for those two locals, it is more like 1 in 100,000.  Not that there aren't real ones but the likelihood of finding one is reaching infinitesimal proportions.