By Aramock Nanuck

     July 2019


Relationship Dynamics

BDSM is a vast subject for me. The Dominant tends to focus on the things that make the submissive most curious, begin with, and grow from there. The Dominant suspects most of the submissive's interest can come from the literature the submissive read.

To Dominants, BDSM is mental domination that most excites both dominant and submissive. Literature on this subject builds upon this as the basis of most relationships. The patterns in literature with the classic Justine and Story of O. most prevalent. Genuine concepts lend strongly to both roles to provide the focus. Submissive's focus on the gratification of their Dominant as the completeness of experience.

Building on this will allows the pair to explore each other's fetishes and favourite activities, particularly those that challenge our comfort zone. The Dominant's goal is to enrich the experiences while slowly pulling down the submissive's barriers and pushing their limits aside.

The Dominant believe domination is the purview of a strong-willed individual, but it needs validation and verification to be more than just a fantasy game. A Dominant must make the situation highly structured to make it meaningful.

An excellent example of this is setting up a routine daily where the submissive MUST be in regular touch or live with the dominant to report on the events and activities of the day. The feedback loop adds to determining the basic framework for what is correction is needed. The Dominant decides in TPE mode what is worn or changes in routines to enforce control. Included in the rule is the food eaten and allowing intimate interactions with whomever, even if the submissive masturbate. The dominance establishes patterns for self-gratification and punishment. Effectively there are no acts of sexual or other types of contact without the Dominant's prior permission.

The Dominant will confirm such control by simple means such as video surveillance shock collars and electronic boundary walls. Every day while the intensity and variety grow. Routine means at the same time but not necessarily always the same acts. Patterns will develop to become points of comfort and continuity.

The Dominant will make this personal because as the submissive's Mentor to substitute education for self-satisfaction until true surrender occurs.

Eventually, the Dominant's goal of ownership demands completeness, so as the submissive stated, the submissive becomes an of public desire and in the fetish world of lust. Making the submissive an eminently shareable or even saleable asset should this be included in our agreement. How is that for shocking the submissive?