Pharoahs vs Mortals

Many find it difficult to accept their place under a God-Kings dominion. Few truly understand this dynamic, yet it gives a sense of purpose to the slave/worshipper. The process of becoming a slave/worshipper results in a series of trials. It probably the harshest of transformations any individual makes entering into this lifestyle because it forces all cultural, social and set aside one’s religious upbringing.  It is the acts of submission and service in the body, mind, and spirit that glorifies as if an omnipotent god.


Mantra of a God-King is:
  • Yes, I am Phaoronic,

  • Yes, I accept my divinity as bestowed upon me by circumstance and presence.

  • Yes, I practice what I say on a 24x7 basis.

  • Yes, I believe in Total Power Exchange.

  • Yes, so it shall be written, so it shall be done.


How Subjects are Valued

The estimation of the value of a supplicant in contribution and contrition they make before their lords. The highest honor of any slave/worshipper is their sacrifices to their god. Few who do this fully and with an open heart are ever without value in the eyes of their God-King.


Disconnecting from One's Lineage 

Nothing, family, friends, spouses, jobs or even their current status should matter to the devotee; only their submission and total surrender to their God-King. The highest honor a slave can ever receive is to be worthy of receiving and being impaled on the shaft of His judgment.  This less a sexual act than one of sacrifice.   As such it is the giving up of one's own interests or wishes to serve their God-King thereby advancing the needs of him above their own.


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