HRM in Dark Castle Sin

by Aramock Nanuck

     June 2018

This is a tongue-in-cheek proposition as if a Human Resource policy was being developed for a fetish-run corporation.



Dark Castle Sin believes that for far too long, corporations have been lying to employees. They promote HRM as the guardian of employee rights when it is a mechanism for the management to control and influence staff. In light of the attempt, HR is being renamed from Human Resource Management to Human Repression and Manipulation. The HRM team will out overtly interact with staff as needed solely for the benefit of the group and senior management's best interests. Security will now be a part of HRM as an enforcement arm and can be used for public administration discipline when a senior sadist or executive is unavailable or otherwise indisposed.


Dress Code

Instead of Fridays being a casual business day, it is a clothing-optional day for all staff above the median pay grades. All low-life staff, menials, and minions shall adhere to a “no-clothing” option while in the office, especially if in a client-facing position.


Female staff will wear revealing clothes, short skirts, see-through tops or lace wraps. They are not permitted to wear bras or panties. FCS strictly prohibits the use of sanitary pads in favour of tampons. The female staff may use custom skin tone pads over the top with special permission by senior management on a case-by-case basis. And will submit to an inspection to ensure the flow is heavy enough to warrant it. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

Male staff must wear tight-fitting shirts and pants which reveal their bulges. Men poorly equipped will be issued a special ID card with a Green Background denoting the “small dick” category. Men may wear button-up flies so at the insistence of their dome, and managers can have them exposed. Any male so exposed must remain so for the rest of the day. Any male exhibiting a hard-on must immediately report to the HRM manageress for inspection. Failure to do so will result in punishment.


Weekends and Holidays

All staff will adhere to a no-clothing policy. This policy extends on these days to the parking area. The building security refuses entry to any staff entering the building with more than a collar or staff badge.


Parking Privileges
Menial Rights

All employees of the menial level may submit for a menial staff parking permit on month by month basis. The award of these spots will be at the extreme edge of the parking area and only issued based on merit. See below for merit rating.  Any menial staff parking in a senior parking or visitor parking area will be subject to canning by security and place on the glass walls facing the parking area for shaming purposes not less than 2 hours. This time must be made up by the staff at the end of the day to ensure their work.


Senior Staff and Management

The individual will have preferred spots to the rear of the building allowing for rear-entry.


Guest Parking

There will be reserved spots immediately in the middle and front of the parking area facing the main entrance with a full view of all staff coming and going. Any complaints from visitors concerning staff appearance or conduct in the parking areas will be addressed immediately and harshly by security.


Corporate Exercise Facilities

The corporate gym will be remodelled and become an assignable training facility through HRM.



Iron gallows shall mount above the treadmills with nooses attached so that low-lives can test their endurance in a meaningful manner.


Weight Training

Strength and weight units with Saint Andrews Crosses and select .5 to 3kg weights with alligator clamps attached for use on protruding body parts (nipples, clits, labia lips, scrotum, balls, etc.).



A two-point vibrating dildo attachment is now added to modify the rowing machines, positioned for either anal or vaginal penetration. A special adapter will be available for those wishing both penetrations simultaneously. The unit will be self-lubricating.



A small generator and capacitor system as well as a battery storage unit modifies the current stationary bikes. Users can request the optional electrode set can at the time of booking so that peddlers can enjoy self-electrical stimulation. This device will be under the observation of the HRM Security warden for the area, and they will control intensity. Connection to household current will compensate users not able to maintain sufficient current.



The sauna will be split into two parts now. The main part will remain a sauna, but the HRM Security Warden will control the intensity and humidity settings. It will also have additional sun lamps installed to ensure the proper browning of skin tones. Those subject to sunburns need to understand that the company takes no responsibility for their use of this facility.



To leave the sauna, all individuals must exit via the refrigeration room. This room will be kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees centigrade and will have special sprinklers covered to make snow. The facility maintains the seven-meter length of a minimum of 10cm of artificial snow.


Massage Booths

Replacing the massage booths are acupuncture, needle, and candle wax treatment areas.  Menial staff must pay for the services of an HRM Security person to provide such services without a management pre-authorization chit.


Rental Props

Various ropes, leathers, and chains are available for use within the gym. All other forms of kink devices are available based on a usage charge of $1 peruse.



An open area with a glass separator between it and the workstations in the office holds the shower facilities. The floor is marble and outfitted with a large drain.  Golden and brown showers are permitted but requiring the chemical washing of the areas before leaving the showers.


Exceptions to Use

The staff should be aware that the use of this facility is a privilege provided by the executive and NOT a right. There is a need for areas and equipment used for disciplinary reasons; at these times, equipment may be unavailable. The use of exercise and gym facilities is a “taxable benefit.”


Merit Advancement

Merit takes numerous forms.


Standard Use

All individuals can apply for merit promotion based on sexual or masochistic performance. However, this measured against the performance of the group, not the individual. The one compensating factor is the level of extreme and unspecified use supported by the menial staff. 


Exceptional Use

Any individual accepting severe damage, broken bones and abrasions will automatically qualify; all others will likely fail to meet the minimum requirements for advancement. Any individual accepting unrestricted use by any senior management or corporate visitor will qualify; those restricting use by gender, role, or access point (anal only) will not meet the minimum required.


External Conflicts

Those having unsupervised sexual congress outside the organization are subject to immediate dismissal as they may introduce an unwarranted risk of disease.



Executive may see a hidden ability potentially wasted without retraining or repurposing. The executive retains the right to repurpose any staff at any time. 


Non-Merit Value

DCS acquires individuals for a specific role and capability. The terms of the agreement signed dictate the entirety of their use. Advancement is unlikely within the role except on exceptional cases or in the event of completing a contest.


Natural Selection

Low-lives may compete for this privilege and challenge the current holder of the position. The terms are in the lobby foray; contestants will meet and face each other.

The individual who forces submission and the loser to gratify them sexually will succeed in the new supervisory role.


Failure Penalty

The one submitting loses all seniority and must for three months satisfy every whim of whoever fills the supervisory role. They also, for that period, are considered unworthy of the attention or use of senior management.



At times low-lives are expected to accompany senior managers for travel to events, shows or work situations. Travel is a delicate matter as not all public authorities are as open-minded as DCS. The workweek (M-T) clothing regulations will apply will travelling and in meetings abroad unless otherwise instructed by the accompanying senior manager. 


Private Settings

In the hotel's privacy or other accommodations, the low-live will immediately assume a nude stance and be available for inspection to ensure nothing was taken or hidden in any orifice that may compromise the DCS.



The senior manager shall bear all expenses, and as such, the accompanying menial staff do not need money or credit cards.