A Fetish Slave's Reality

by Aramock Nanuck

     October 1983

A Slave's Life

Daily life for a slave is both complicated and simple at the same time. The simplicity comes from having all decisions removed from them. The owners decide every facet of their activities and lives, right down to what they eat, wear, where they sleep, the use of their bodies, and where they get an opportunity for self-reflection, it is always under the watchful eyes of their owners. Monitoring by electronic or direct means personal as their owners have cameras throughout the house, 12 in fact, even the bathroom is under observation.


Task-Based Living

Slaves are given special tasks to perform throughout the day, and their progress or success is measured, qualified and corrected. These activities ramp up when both owners are home because many fetish activities commence. There is no “off day” while they are given respite on their birthday and up to 3 other times a year, unlike slaves in history. A privilege easily removed for any failure to perform or please.


No Lazy Free Time

During their few hours of free time, most slaves performed their chores. The diet supplied by slaveholders is sufficient to maintain one’s health but never as luxurious as their owners. The earning of occasional treats is mandatory to reduce expectations in a slave. They must tend to the plants that produce herbs and such for their owners and may share this to flavour their food, but again earned. If anything besides their collars, slave's attire consists of only shifts unless serving at an event or parade for the pleasure of their owners or guests. Severe punishment naturally follows failure in the performance of any service.  However, street clothes are available when the owners require them to accompany their dominant out of doors, in public or perform tasks outside the home (i.e., work). There is an exception for those who work as prostitutes, who will have suitable finery to attract clientele. The adornment of make-up is solely at the instruction and direction of their owners. The same with hair. Slaves being punished and humiliated typically will have their heads shaven, further distinguishing them as objects.


Simple Goals

The goal of the slave is to make an owner’s life one of leisure and pleasure. Slaves will serve in all domestic capacities for their owners. Simple goals include ensuring fresh clothes are laid out and assisting the owner in bathing or showering. While an owner may want to prepare meals or other chores, it is usually exceptional, not a part of the routine.


Dehumanized Vessels 

A slave is usually never given the status of a human but considered a subspecies. Slaves are expected to serve in any way their dominant desires, and mere whim from their owners is a command. Every slave, no matter of gender, will serve their master and mistress on request without hesitation providing whatever means of satisfaction deemed at that time. Viewed as sexual objects similar to receptacles,  a breathing "Flesh Light," if you will. Some owners will sterilize their slaves, particularly if money pots (those placed into the sex trades as prostitutes and concubines) to prevent pregnancies. After all, most owners consider the child of a slave as also being a slave. This attitude negates the use of a child of a Dominant as leverage by a slave, and therefore this stipulation avoids ugly situations.  Further complications exist if a Dominant wants the slave to be a breeder because then issues need to be defined upfront.  


Tools, Toys, and Objects

Objectification extends to the owner’s enjoyment of providing pain, hardship or psychological torment to work out the day's frustrations or merely to hone skips in various forms of torture. A slave does not sleep in their master or mistress's bed but can be provided with a bed of their own if warranted, but again without privacy. Should their owner invade that privacy to derive pleasure from a slave, the slave must, t willingly provide such.


Total Indiginity

An item requiring prior agreement is the use of slaves as toilets or urinals. They assume all fluids from an owner are an honour to receive how and when the owner desires. Sometimes owners require a slave to use their tongues to clean their owners.


Swift and Terrible Punishment

When displeasing their owners, slaves can expect to be bound or caged for suitable periods of time and treated no better than a wild beast until they resolve to return to the docile and submissive form desired. If a slave ever bites their master, their teeth will be removed to prevent further injury to their owners. Slaves who are an utter disappoint their owners are dismissed or traded off as deemed in the contract.