Building a Tolerance to Pain

Fetish or Everyday Life

There are many situations where the aspects of pain and one’s ability to tolerate come into play. Over 40 years of being in the lifestyle have shown that the experiences and abilities are as varied as the people involved and the situation. Also, remember that pain is a part of every day not just fetish live.


Everyday Experiences

The scrapes and bruises as a child on the playground, playing through sports injuries, giving birth to traumatic pains of being shot or stabbed and still working through the pain to achieve a goal. The situation in everyday life is all very real, sudden and without warning. This, in fact, the reactions far more sudden as opposed to fetish pain.


Fetish Experiences

Fetish pain is almost always a part of a planned, staged and coordinated activity; with the submissive or masochist fully aware of the impending action and after the first few times the expected sensation. This allows the mind and body to compose itself in preparation for the impending pain. A really good example is the bare handed spanking. Both the Dom and sub will share in the experience proportionally.  They each are fully aware of the impending sensation and experience.  Other activities such as tight bondage, flogging, candles, fire, needles, and cutting are all intimate and have varying levels of intensity.


Maso Current State

The biggest concern is to focus on the experience level already had by the receiver. Starting at the levels they are comfortable with gives them a sense of expectation, and not pushing harder than they can endure. The approach from here is to slowly over time (many sessions) to add moments of increasing intensity. Always push the masochist’s limits and boundaries over a managed time. The more and broader experiences the more an individual will develop their endurance. 


Accountability of the Dominant/Sadist

This is one area where it is critical that the Dom/sadist pays attention to the safe words of the sub/masochist.

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