Finding Appropriate Accommodation

by Akeri Nabri

     March 2001


Points to Consider

The issue is making sure you can find a real estate agent involved in the lifestyle or is at least open-minded.


The Basics

Describe what your needs are very specific and detailed when looking for a property. Ensure they understand that you are:

  • Professionals.

  • Do not have minors (children)

  • Have pets, (i.e.: two dogs, a cat, and a fish)

  • Living a very active but private lifestyle and require something a little out of the ordinary.



Accommodations sought are:

  • Windows and doors which allow for easy treatment to provide complete discretion while in the house; after all, we like to roam around nude much of the time.

  • We need to be able to install a new digital entry system to this room which only we can access. 

  •  The soundproofing and insulation are important because we don’t want to pay much for air conditioning but also to prevent neighbours complaining and the interference by city noise ordinances.

  • Sufficient external power access for security cameras over most points of entry and surrounding property edges to the street.

  • A Living Room/Parlor large enough to host parties of 8-10 people

  • A Dining Room able manage a full dining set with added features

  • A Kitchen with room for a large serving and food preparation area, full-size stove and double fridge.

  • Three additional rooms or two bedrooms and a full basement.

  • Three bathrooms complete with shower and one with or having space for a bathtub.

  • An attic isn’t required, but it’s a bonus as it provides a fun place to practice witchcraft and other activities requiring discretion.

  • Is having a bedroom strictly for our pets out of order for consideration?



A comfortable master bedroom to handle a king size bed, vanity, and wardrobe as well as a couple pieces of fetish furniture.


The space for a home-office which can be isolated from the rest of the house for quiet reflection and concentration. It has to be large enough to handle a massive and complete set of office, computing, and photo equipment with at least 8 power outlets.


Given the amount of time spent gaming a space suitable for a wide diversity of games so a relatively large open space or very large second bedroom which can be transformed.


A semi or unfinished basement would be nice if the third bedroom isn’t available allowing us to ramp up an industrial / home slave-type dungeon.  No, we’re not kidding and very specific about this space being available to convert into a sex and fetish dungeon including space for various props and equipment for suspension, and torture.   We would like to be able to paint the dungeon black or decorate it in the macabre.


The yard should be as private as possible preferable with high (2 meters should be sufficient) solid walls because I’ll be peeing in it more often than the average homeowner, and frequently are romping seminude with friends in the area.


I'd prefer not to be right next to a church because the temptation to fornicate against the back walls would be stronger than the force of god.