House Rules

by Aramock Nanuck

     February 1977

General Terms & Conditions

  1.  Guests and visitors must be over 18 to attend any “Dark Castle-SIN” function.

  2. The house Dominant reserves the right to refuse entry to any party at their sole discretion.

  3. Guests enter the venue's premises and attend the event entirely at their own risk and may be asked to sign a waiver on entering an event.

  4. Guests accept any responsibility for their actions and are held responsible for their actions against any party.

  5. All equipment in the venue are novelty items only, and Guests' use of any equipment is entirely at their own risk.

  6. Guests accept responsibility for checking before use, any equipment, and the immediate environment, for its suitability and safety for the intended use.


The Dark Castle-Sin, House Dominant, and staff accept no responsibility for any injury, damage, loss or any other outcome caused by any means.


  •  If Guests bring their kit, they do so at their own risk.

  • Dark Castle is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

  • Conversely, anyone caught stealing or damaging property while on Dark Castle premises will be charged.

Lifestyle Etiquette
  1. The decision of House Dominant is final.

  2.  No means No! Asking people to join in an activity or being asked is a compliment. Continuing to ask them after you get a "No, I'm not interested, but we can be friends." is harassment. Show good grace. Predatory behaviour at “Dark Castle-SIN” will not be tolerated.

  3. Touching someone in the BDSM community is a controversial subject. The house rule is no touching of any individual not paired without the consent of the owning dominant or individual in question.  If individuals are solo subs at events, this then means it is a private arrangement between the sub and interested party but only with the agreement of the House Dominant.

  4. NEVER interrupt, speak to or touch any participants in the middle of a scene. Interrupting a scene will probably destroy any energy they have been striving to achieve. If a submissive is in bondage in the middle of the floor by him/herself, their Dominant is without doubt nearby watching over their safety (or should be).

  5. You may see things going on that you feel in danger, or socially disturbing, etc. "No" is not a safeword – neither is begging. Many people like to protest or, worse, interfere while they observe an activity. A submissive crying, screaming or struggling is not grounds for breaking in on a scene. If you are in doubt that someone is safe during a scene )fetish activity) then inform the House Dominant, and if necessary, they will intercede.

  6. Observe discreetly from a safe distance. When people are active, there is likely to be a 'backswing' (of floggers, etc.). Please be aware of this & stay back to avoid being hit by it. The dungeon space is intended primarily for participants, not spectators & inadvertently hitting bystanders who are standing too close during a scene can upset a Top. 

  7. Bystanders must bear all responsibility for their actions and won safety; no one else is liable if the bystander is inserting themselves into the active area of a scene.

  8. Common courtesy is required; don't stare and don't comment on an individual’s body. Don't talk to women's chests. Don’t follow someone around or stare at them all evening, making them uncomfortable. Nakedness and activity can make people feel vulnerable.

  9. Collars have different meanings to individuals. Many unowned submissives wear collars to indicate that they are submissive. Some owned submissives don't wear collars at all. The safest assumption is that if it's got a collar, the individual has a Dominant responsible for them during an event.

  10. Complaints to the staff of “Dark Castle-SIN” are given great weight and investigated thoroughly. The House Dominant will talk to the involved parties. The Dominant may ask the parties involved to leave.

  11. Toys are essential and quite personal items. Touching someone's toys without permission in advance is a serious breach of protocol. “Borrowing” toys that are “lying around” is viewed as a violation of one's person Anyone caught stealing toys will be banned from attending any future "Dark Castle-SIN" event.

  12. Novices, don't be shy – speak to the House Dominant and staff if you are unsure at any time, do not think you know what is going on and take the time to learn and explore.



“Dark Castle-SIN” is a friendly, safe and sane to experience the lifestyle without the burdens of social conscience or restrictions.  The rules posted are to ensure this level of “safe” environment but subject to change as the need arises.

The premise of establishing the rules is: act as responsible, consenting adults. There will be strict enforcement of all of the house rules. Basically:

  • Respect participants during scenes

  • Be sensible with your activities

  • Take care of your, other’s and the house toys

  • Protect yourself (and others, if necessary),


As a guest, act like one and in a responsible manner while at any “The Dark Castle-SIN” event. Always show respect and understanding of all types of activity going on at “The Dark Castle-SIN” event.


Be mindful of the attitudes of others present, as some may not be comfortable with some forms of activity, but remember that any of them may have an equal discomfort with yours.


  • YKINMK (Your kink is not my kink) and

  • YKIOK (Your kink is OK).


We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone or ask anyone to leave if they ignore dungeon rules or engages in unsafe, exploitative or non-consensual behaviour.


Specific House Rules:
  1. The club safeword is "RED."

  2.  Drugs are prohibited.

  3.  We do not tolerate Drunken behaviour – drink within the bounds of sobriety. If observed that you are exhibiting a drunken manner, you will be asked to leave.

  4.  Guests agree not to cause any bodily harm to another individual or themselves, which was not specifically and previously negotiated between participants in advance. All activity is to be consensual.

  5.  Any extreme activity must be discussed with & agreed to by the House Dominant before the scene starts;  including:   

    • Single tail whip,

    • Takedown, or

    • Loud, unusual, disruptive, or potentially messy activity scenes.

  6. Guests shall wipe down equipment after use and prepare it for the next participants. Do not sit on or leave your toys in the activity equipment. You cannot “reserve” equipment during community events. No locks are allowed on any cages. Cages must be able to be opened with no keys or tools.

  7. After-care is a must and, if not provided by the guest, will be administered by the House staff.

  8. Masturbating when not participating in a scene is seriously discouraged.

  9. A separate dungeon/activity area available; however, it is not for socializing when scenes are in process.

  10.  Please don't have loud conversations during scenes so as not to distract participants.  

  11. Distractions cause submissives to come out of subspace, and a simple laugh, conversation or running commentary on activity can easily do it.

  12. No loud conversations in public areas or outside common areas.



There will be no “touting” for business or professional services offered or money exchanged for services during events without the express permission of the House Dominant. To be very clear – while there may be “Guest Dominants,” there will NOT be any Pro-Dommes conducting or touting for business at any “ Dark Castle-SIN” event. The same applies to Photographers, Models, etc. “Dark Castle-SIN” is a place to enjoy, not to drum up business.

Privacy Protected

No outside cameras are allowed (including camera phones) without prior permission to maintain the privacy of our guests.

The house can provide limited photography and taping but will only provide copies to the participants.​

Those who wish may use the equipment for their private sessions.​

Dark Castle-SIN does have surveillance cameras, but we wipe them clean every 24 hours. We do not retain any footage unless security or safety issues occur, either personal injury or theft of property.