Initiating a New Slave

This article is about organizing our thoughts on this lifestyle and what it truly means to be "Extreme" and how the few can handle it. The life of any person in one way or another has essential some level of bondage, structure, and discipline associated with it.


Vanilla Parallels

Even in the vanilla world, it is the rules, customs and social stigma which binds us with our families, other individuals, jobs and social norms. 


The Package Deal

The life many submissive's crave is a mental as well as practical implementation of the control in their lives. A dominant will exact absolute control means both mental and physical. The physical is merely the application of the mental aspects. Now we may be forced to be bound by social sensibilities as today's society interferes even with this lifestyle, so in many cases, bondage sees limits placed on the treatment of slaves only to the point at which they can accept the uses. Modern sexual slavery is also contrived to exert a level of a denial and violence (even if only mentally). Acts are perpetrated by the Master/Mistress and their friends, guests and sometimes even their clients upon the supplicants, submissives and sometimes slaves.


Real versus Lifestyle

Therefore, the life of a true slave is a harsh reality to which few would want. The existence of a consensual or lifestyle slave is an entirely different matter.  Pain slaves, and masochist however that living with a sadist is not a fantasy but takes this to a much harsher and demeaning reality.  However, again nowhere near the level of what former "real" slaves historically suffered.


Surrender is the Ulitmate Shame

Ultimately this lifestyle is about control and dehumanization of a “submissive” by a “dominant.” Entering of one's own volition is more humiliating and demeaning than being dragged in chains/forced. The person submitting can not deceive themselves into thinking, nor claim they had no choice. They had a choice and made it "freely" to surrender. 


Dismantling Free Will

The difference is that a level of free will is imposed on the next step, removing that free will is essential to a fantasy situation. A person enters enslavement to begin their humiliation; service is merely how exacted that is humiliating. Some are allowed to undress in a dignified arena; other shackled have their street clothes forcibly removed or cut from their bodies. Serious dominant take action towards the later, as it begins the process of shredding not only the clothes but the dignity of their subjects. Inevitably freewill is dismantled finally in a public setting; to literally strip from the person of aspects of their former life. They are then disrobed, exposed and inspected like farm animals or meat to a butcher, showered or hosed; prepared for use. 


In the Extreme

In the case of forced servitude (even today with human trafficked sex workers) or the extreme enthusiasts of the lifestyle resisting the dismantling of Free Will results in beating into submission the subject. Lowly and dehumanized, the slave becomes oriented over the next few days to a regimen of strict rules, inspection and very specific windows of activity. 


Solitary and Isolated

In many cases, isolation from everyone else in solitary conditions is the key to breaking a new slave. Placing the newbie on a restricted diet further demonstrates their lack of control, choice and removes the chance for alternates. Initially subjecting to harsh conditions and handling many newbies finds a total lack of human warmth. The removal of the emotive pronoun "I" and replacing it with "this object," supports the dehumanization and replacing it with their role as property. Used how, whenever convenient by whoever wants them without recourse. The person becomes a tool, a toy or object; effectively a plaything. 


Routine Punishment

All sadistic (and many not so sadistic) dominants include routine corporal punishments for the mildest of infractions. The dehumanization and lessening of the individual and reinforcing obedience as an absolute requirement of being a slave. Slave are bereft of morals, dignity, and humanity. Accordingly, it is mandatory that treatment of slaves be the same as witches were in the inquisition, subject to the most serious forms of degradation. Removal from the slave's cage is merely the beginning of their torment, as with the Inquisition, the intent is to discover the sins and validate them through torment and torture. 


Caging the Mind

No imaginary cell for the slave, but a cage for a dog big enough for the subject to move around, and sleep curled up. A bucket for their waste, and steel bowl for their food or water, both on the floor. When taken from the cage, shackles, and chains further constrain the slave. At times simply suspended from the ceiling or chained to the wall or floor.  Over time the weight, size, and strength of the bindings are lower, the slave still refuses to struggle as their mind breaks. Even an unlocked cage becomes more comfort than any area beyond it, for outside the cage awaits suffering, pain, degradation, and abuse.


Restricting Contact

 Slaves have no access in the beginning to the outside world, except when taken to various events to demonstrate the abusive techniques a sadist uses. A rare treat will be when the chaining a slave in their master’s (mistress's) or a guest’s bed but at the cost of a further denial of personal dignity.


The Results

Conditioning is customarily complete in extreme cases and causes severe psychological trauma. In the lifestyle, we tend to take on aspects of these forms without ever truly pushing them to their extreme. They become ritual and for a short time (minutes, hours even sometimes days) become a form of living which gives the supplicant the sensations of what it is truly is like to be a slave.  Note: This is the same method used to train special forces personnel and commandos around the world to resist such conditioning attempts.


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