Rules as "i" Submit

by Nhi Trahn, Ursa Feder, Mia Li

      February 2005

Several slaves put together a list of their own rules. These rules were defined entirely by them and, while keeping with the spirit of the house, were never actually endorsed. They are included at the request of the slaves for others to see the extent to which they govern themselves.


My Rules for myself as a Slave

1.      This slave will serve, obey and please the Dominant.

2.      Above all else, this slave's primary focus shall be to please the Dominant

3.      Hoping that this slave is found pleasing in all that I do,

4.      Whether this slave in the Dominant's presence or not.

  • The Dominant knows of the potential, learning more about me each day this slave is with Him.

  • The Dominant trusts that this slave will act by what He perceives of this slave's potential

  • The Dominant knows what is best for this slave.

  •  The Dominant demands this slave set a good example for others in its presence

5.      This slave worships the Dominant.

6.      This slave must earn to receive pleasure.

7.      This slave acknowledges

  • The Dominant is responsible,

  • The Dominant is skilled,

  • The Dominant has pangs of hunger which need satiation,

  • The Dominant demonstrates concern for:

    • This slave's safety,

    • This slave well-being relative to the:

      • emotional,

      • psychological,

      • social,

      • sexual, and

      • physical.

8.      This slave is nothing more than an object of great value - an instrument the Dominant uses for His pleasures.

9.      This slave will ask the Dominant for permission to satisfy whatever needs this slave has before acting on it.

10.  This slave's body and mind are the property of the Dominant.

11.  This slave must always give thanks to the Dominant for all this slave is given:

  • immediately after receiving it,

  • for such things are gifts or privileges granted by the Dominant.

12.  This slave must be both specific and explicit in its speech.

13.  This slave will not hesitate when responding to the Dominant.

14.  This slave shall focus on items the Dominant deems important to its growth.

15.  For the discipline and punishments, this slave receives

  • The Dominant shall specify why this slave received the punishment

  • The Dominant shall specify how to avoid future similar punishments

  • The slave will thank the Dominant for the correction and education.

16.  This slave has no will of its own.

17.  This slave shall set aside all ambitions other than those set for it by the Dominant.

18.  This slave is allowed to seek out experiences according to the permissions this slave has received from the Dominant.

19.  This slave will report its progress in such matters.

20.  This slave shall seek the Dominant's guidance in whatever steps for this slave to succeed.

21.  This slave is always in submission to the Dominant whether He is present or not

  • Ready to please Him:

    • at any time,

    • in any place,

    • under any circumstances,

    • regardless of who may be present.

  • For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit:

    • This slave trust the Dominant will keep me safe

    • This slave knows that the Dominant shall protect His reputation and mine in the presence of others.

    • This slave shall present themselves to all individuals subtly when required to protect the lifestyle from those who may not understand.

    • This slave shall ensure the representation of their behaviour in a positive light.

    • This slave is to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain the position to others when required to do so.

  • The lifestyle is a part of a growing culture for which this slave must never forget that this slave is an integral part.

22.  This slave shall base all the choices on whether or not they will please the Dominant.

23.  This slave shall proudly wear the collar the Dominant gives with pride, for it signifies ownership and devotion.

24.  This slave shall proudly wear the chains given by the Dominant as a symbol of humiliation and servitude.

  • This slave shall wear them privately and publicly, as required, around:

    • Its neck,

    • Its wrists,

    • It's ankles or

    • It's waist.

25.  When the Dominant places their cock in this slave's mouth

  • This slave shall suck it

  • This slave will do so vigorously as long as it is required to do so.

  • This slave's during the sucking, shall use its whole body to display desire by placing its hands:

    • on the tops of its thighs

    • behind its neck or

    • held at the base of its back.

26.  The Dominant's cum must never go to waste –

  • This slave will swallow all of it when Dominant cums its mouth

  • This slave will never spill it when the Dominant cums into its cunt

  • This slave shall ensure to retain it when the Dominant cums into its ass

  • This slave shall lick it up if Dominant cums into the hands or on its breast or tummy

  • This slave shall savour it if Dominant cums onto the food gave it

  • This slave expects punishment for failing in any of the above.

27.  This slave worship the Dominant's cock, its head and its shaft, at ALL times, hard or soft

28.  This slave will worship the Dominant's ass only after a thorough washing of it.

  • This slave will use the hands to spread the Dominant's cheeks apart.

  • This slave shall lick between the cheeks of the Dominant.

  • This slave shall use its tongue to probe the anus of the Dominant

  • This slave shall do so hungrily,

29.  This slave will never look into the eyes of the Dominant without his permission.

  • Doing so is inappropriate of its position

  • Doing so is an act of seeking attention

  • Doing so is an expectation of a response

  • Doing so is a challenge to authority

30.  The head must be bowed down in the presence of the Dominant unless permitted to do otherwise.

  • This slave honours the authority of the Dominant

  • This slave shall not distract the Dominant.