Rules When Serving an Event

by Aramock Nanuck

      August 1979

The following are the standards and conduct expected of individuals who act as greeters, servants, presenters or supplicants to a fetish event.  Any breaches of protocol inevitably result in

  • Embarrassing the Host of the event

  • Adversely affecting the decorum of the event

  • Negatively impacting the enjoyment of participants.

  • Lowering the value of service you provide

  • The issuance of varying degrees of punishment.


Rule One

Slaves never initiate conversation but, but once engaged; Intelligence, Wit, and Humour are to be Rewarded. Slaves will answer all questions put them no matter how insulting promptly and completely honest in as submissive tone as possible.  If you lackwit, intelligence or charm, then be mute.


Rule Two

No slave can serve two guests fully simultaneously; when serving someone, then focus all of your attention there.  Only the House Dominus may interrupt you are serving an individual. Only the Greeter may divert their attention to assisting those entering, using Master or Mistress as appropriate. Any Free-person is to be served equally regardless of sex, race, philosophy or planet of origin. Slaves who "pick and choose" WILL be punished. 


Rule Three

Offer the quests Food as well as Drink. Know what is available for the offering.  If permission is granted, you may offer yourself as well. If not in use, quietly kneel slightly outside the group's immediate circle or at your assigned station; if none of these are possible, kneel beside the Host or House Dominus awaiting instruction.


Rule Four

Quiet Beauty and Charm are to be maintained at all times. Fussing and Fidgeting are to be kept to a minimum. At worse, you are an object of art to be enjoyed, not a chatterbox to interrupt guests.


Rule Five

Entry to the Dark Castle requires permission and a formal invitation to be presented by all guests arriving. Only for submissive's requires permission before leaving the Dark Castle, and they must be escorted from the property by their Dominant. Free-persons may leave as they wish but once out may not re-enter without permission of the House Dominus.


Rule Six

The Propertrix (lead slave) will be obeyed as if she were a Mistress when no other dominant is present. The Host or House Dominus can only override her rules. Her counsel is to be accepted graciously, regardless if a dominant or Free-person is present.


Rule  Seven

Slave Heat is only to be used if the slave truly WANTS to entice another person, and ONLY with the permission of the Host or House Dominus. If a slave displays heat inappropriately, then it must be prepared to be used as a pleasure slave for any present at the event.